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There’s a difference between being a writer and being a writer. Did you know that? We didn’t think so…

Let’s put it in simpler terms.

There’s a difference between a writer – in a general sense, who is creative and might write for a job or a hobby, and a writer – someone who lives and breathes and wakes every single day to dedicate themselves to writing.

Let’s call them fiction writers, because in most cases, whenever someone is referred to as ‘a writer’, that’s usually what is meant. The term is typically used to describe someone who dedicates themselves to some form of fiction writing.

So, now that we’ve laid the laws here, you might find yourself wondering what makes someone a writer; what makes them aware that they have the bug? Well sit back and relax, because you’re about to find out.

* * *

#1: Bad Spelling And Grammar Burns You’re Eyes


Just take it easy. Put down your torches and pitchforks… that was done on purpose. You, know, just to prove a point. Just to prove that errors like that one up there in the sub-heading really grind your gears.

And it worked, didn’t it? Your eyes are burning right now, aren’t they?

#2: The Phrase ‘I Think I might Write A Book Some Day…

…or any of its derivatives, could make you homicidal.

It’s not that you’re salty. It’s just that, well… how dare they assume that all you need to write a book is a brain and a little spare time? How dare they assume that they have the passion and dedication; the commitment it takes to write a book? How dare they assume they have the mental capacity that is required, let alone the intelligence it takes to…

Okay, so maybe you are a little salty…

#3: Reading a Great Book Leaves You Feeling… Sad

Even when it’s not a sad book.

It could be the happiest book in the world, in fact. It could contain lots of smiles, a great big conflict that comes back round to a happy finish; an endless supply of puppies – you could love the book. And yet, it would still make you sad. But how? How could you feel sadness among all that awesomeness?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s because you didn’t write it.

#4: You know That When Inspiration Strikes, You Act On It

Chances are, you discovered this the hard way. You were probably sat all innocently one day, getting on with your life, when all of a sudden: BOOM. Followed by some kind of swoosh. And then by the burning urge to create something beautiful.

But, you know, you’ve got stuff to do right now, you’ll just get it written later in your allotted writing time.

*Later, in your allotted writing time,

*staring at the empty screen* Okay. Maybe not.

And ever since that dreaded day – even if it comes at four in the morning – you always act on inspiration.

#5: You’re Reading This List When You Should, In Fact, Be Writing

Ha! We got you, didn’t we?

* * *

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