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It’s no great secret: writing is hard.

Just think about it. Think about how much courage and tenacity it takes to sit before a blank page and create a whole new world with nothing but words. Think about how crazy that sounds – just for a moment. You don’t have bricks or cement, you aren’t building with sand, even. The only resources you have are words, and your only tool is your ability to craft them.

And that’s just writing. And good writing reaches a whole new notch on the scale of difficulty.

Writing eighty-thousand words is a hard task in itself, but when the task stretches to keeping people engaged and entertained as they read all those words… well now you’re talking tough. Your job is to pluck at the heartstrings of your readers; draw out their innermost emotions.

To do that with nothing but words… it’s no easy task.

* * *

No Wonder You Lose Hope

Look at you, you poor thing, writhing in self-doubt and self-hatred, wishing you’d never picked up a pen in the first place.

It’s such a natural thing to feel. There isn’t a writer on the entire planet who hasn’t hated parts of their work. Heck, most of them hate every single thing they write – and that includes the all-time greats. The thing is, it’s this hatred of our own creation that makes for the best writing.

A great writer isn’t someone who writes well, but someone with enough dedication to make their pages of slosh half presentable. It’s not about every sentence being born like a royal baby, it’s about dressing those suckers in nice clothes and combing their hair at a later date.

You know – rewriting.

* * *

Take It As A Positive

Photo of Woman Holding a Green Paper You should always turn things around and learn to love your shortcomings.

One of these shortcomings, from a writers perspective, would be these heaping mounds of self-doubt. But, in actuality, self-doubt is a writer’s greatest tool. What could spur you on to improve more than a sense of ill-preparation and lackluster ability? Think of it like that. If you don’t think you’re good enough, guess what? It’s time to do something about it.

This sense of urgency is all you need to push you forth. You will work hard and give your all simply because you think your work sucks – and because you’re so passionate about it, you’ll do anything you can to change that.

* * *

What Is Life But Perspective?

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You see, life as a writer is chocked full of surprises and unexpected emotion – sometimes welcomed, sometimes otherwise – and no matter what you choose to do about it, those emotions and surprises will always be there.

The trick lies in your perspective.

It’s like most things in life: if you want to change it, first try changing your perspective. Instead of seeing it as you not being good enough, try to think of it as a method of improvement. Think about how it’s not good enough, as opposed to just thinking it outright. The keys to success are in the pocket closest to the prize, and the one furthest from the obstacle.

Next time you find yourself wrapped up in self-doubt, think of it as a blessing. Get up and get writing, making sure to use your doubts to your advantage. Life as a writer gets way simpler when you let go of your excuses.

* * *

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