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A Writing Prompt: Grit

The Purpose Earlier this week with our poetry prompt, we tried out some detailed descriptions – descriptions that focus on one thing for a long time and get very, well, poetic… Funny, right? That a poem would be poetic… You get the point. And point is, we’re going to put what we learned on Monday […]

A Poetry Prompt: Swelling Tide

The Purpose You know we believe in poetry as a tool to improve your novel writing. That’s the reason we share these prompts – they can be for poets or novelists, and will be useful for honing the craft of both. The purpose of this one is to focus on really close detail. We want […]

A Writing Prompt: Two Wrongs Make A Crime Scene

The Purpose This prompt comes at you a little differently today. It’s Friday – why not have some fun? Now, you may not enjoy writing or reading crime as a genre, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid using it in your plot. You can include crime and criminality in books outside of that genre […]

A Poetry Prompt: Wingless Angel

The Purpose: Okay, hopeless romantics, this week’s poetry prompt goes out to you. Love is one of the most popular sub-topics in the wonderful world of poetry. Throughout time, literary greats have churned out love poem after love poem, as if no other emotions exist. Some of the greatest pieces ever were centred around love, […]

A Writing Prompt: A Lie Amid The Truth

The Purpose This prompt is going to stir all kinds of terribly beautiful ideas. On this wonderful Friday, we’re taking it back to tension. We’re going to paint a scenario that fills your head with lots of insane twists and turns. By the end of this prompt, you’ll have thought of and outlined an entire […]

A Writing Prompt: The Eye Of The Storm

The Purpose This prompt comes at you from a different angle to our usual writing prompts. This one is more focussed on creating a solid scene description – that’s what we want you to think about when working on this one. Scene descriptions are such a huge part of writing. When working on them here, […]

A Poetry Prompt: Still

We really believe in poetry – even if you don’t typically write it. Poetry is a great way to hone your narrative voice. It’s a great way to learn expression and the art of the written word. Once you master poetry (or at least your own version of it), you can harness those skills to […]

A Writing Prompt: Disguised

The Purpose This prompt is here to get your mind on sentence structure. As you already know, sentence structure is a huge part of writing great fiction. Who wants to read a book that isn’t clean and well-presented, placing great emphasis on clarity, flow, and precision? Not us. And you shouldn’t, either. When you dive […]

A Poetry Prompt: Pumpkin Patch

It’s October! And that’s an exciting time for the writing community. Halloween is always a great time of the year for writers. The horror vibes creep into your stories, the movie marathons begin, the nights become dark and welcoming – it’s the ultimate time of inspiration when it comes to telling tales. And, of course, […]

A Writing Prompt: Tangled

The Purpose This week’s prompt is all about pacing, hence the short nature of it (you’ll see). We want you to craft a scene based on fast pacing and clear details. We want the picture to be painted for the reader as soon as possible so that the intended suspense can kick in fast. Focus […]

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