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The Keys to Success #18: You Do Have Time

Liam J Cross

Image result for time quotesWhatever it is you choose to do in your life, please, I implore you, just don’t be that guy or that girl, the one who is always complaining about how they don’t have time to do the thing they love, or even attempt it. Because not only are those people the world’s biggest liars, they’re also the same people who are sat on the weekend binge-watching Netflix and going out for drinks because they ‘deserve it’. But you know the best part? They still sit and complain about their life, saying they want to have a go at starting this t-shirt business or opening up the ice cream parlor they’ve been wanting to since they were twenty or starting their website designing service, but then follow it up with “But I just don’t have time.” BULLSHIT. That’s what that is. A big hot pile of steaming bullshit. Because if you don’t have time to go after your dreams and chase the thing you love and want to do, then how can you possibly have time to sit on the weekend and watch Prison Break on Netflix and then go out the next day for drinks and a catch-up with your friends? I thought you didn’t have time?

That’s the truth of it. You do have time, you just don’t want to spend that time on putting in the work because it might damage your relationships and social life. Well if those things scare you, stop wishing for more than you already have. Keep with your complacency and don’t complain about it, because it is you who is keeping yourself there. Not the stress of your nine till five, not your work-life balance, not the demands of your parents or friends, not society – but you. You are the only person held accountable for your failures.And the sooner you realise that, the sooner you can make a start on working towards your goals. Greatness requires sacrifice, and in realising this, we become one step closer to achieving it.


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Yes I know… ‘Oh here he goes, blabbing about Gary Vee again…’

But the truth is, the guy tells it how it is, and I love him for that. Straight-talking, no BS, no sugar-coating shit, no blowing smoke up people’s asses. Just straight truths and harsh facts, capable of shutting anyone’s whiny-ass mouth.

The whole eighteen hours theory came from a short video I saw on his Instagram, in which he basically says you can live off six hours of sleep, which gives us eighteen hours of the day left to play with. And he basically asks you what you are doing with your eighteen hours.

You can work your nine till five, we’ll call that nine because of preparation purposes, then say you travel two hours a day, that’s now eleven, then say you want to spend some time with your kids and want to be a family man, there’s another two. That brings us to thirteen hours, which means you have five hours remaining. What are you doing with those other five? Gary then goes on to say “You’re watching fucking House of Cards!” – which is one of his many catchphrases.

But the message is there. What are you doing with your five hours? People will chill and watch TV or play video games or go out for drinks, using these five hours for leisure activities or to ‘relax and have fun’. But those are the same people who will tell you they don’t have time, yet they’re wasting five hours of their time on not chasing their goals and proceeding to complain about it.

Either accept what you have, enjoy your leisure time and don’t complain about life or want more out of it. Or get out there and do something about it. The power is in your hands.

How are you going to spend your five hours?





Writing Tips/Insights #15: Write Like No One is Reading


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Image result for write like no one is readingWriting, just like anything else in life, must be done to please oneself. Must be done to let one take the sinews of their heart and the breath of their soul, and transcribe them somehow onto the page before them. It’s one of my most favourite feelings in the world, finishing a piece and knowing it captures how I’m feeling exactly, because then I can make that feeling known to others, which in life, I feel is one of the most difficult tasks to do. It helps to remember who you are and where you have come from, when attempting to create a piece so emotive and so thought-evoking it captures people and touches their heart. But I actually have some backwards advice to give when it comes to doing just that, because when writing to evoke emotion in others, I believe not in focussing on them and trying to write something which does so. I feel that couldn’t be any further from the right thing to do. Instead, I focus on writing something capable of evoking emotion within myself, perhaps something I have felt before, something I have experienced on my winding road of life, and then I articulate that emotion into a creative piece. Once you manage to sum it up, once you manage to paint the colours of your pain on the page, people who have shared your pain will find your work and they will love it. That’s how this whole thing works.

Whereas I feel, if you try your hardest to imagine some sort of pain, and try to make that into a creative piece, you won’t quite capture it properly and will end up way off in your intended meaning. But if you write something from the heart, something you’ve felt and something you’ve been through, you will harness that emotion and sum it up for not only just you, but also the thousands before you who have shared the exact same pain somehow. And as a result of this, they will find your work. Your work will find them. Then they will treasure it just as much as you do.


Image result for a true artist need only please himself

The title of this section is a quote from a TV show I used to watch when I was younger and it is a line I will always remember. It has stuck by me ever since the day I saw that episode and it couldn’t be more relatable than it is for me in life now.

There is nothing worse than the fear of writing something, of putting something out there for others to read, only to be scared of the criticism you’re going to receive. I remember when I posted my first poem on Instagram and I was terrified, thinking to myself ‘what if everyone thinks it’s shitty? What will I do? I’m going to get so much hate!’

But then I realised that I was being absolutely ridiculous, and I just decided to go for it, knowing my work makes me happy and makes me feel, so why should I ever care what others think about it? It’s similar to fashion in a sense. If you are happy in an outfit and feel as though it’s the look you want to represent, then you should never allow the fear of what others think to stop you from dressing that way. So in writing, you may write a poem that makes you feel happy or a section of a novel you feel really sums up your current situation and helps you get over it, so you should never ever change a piece that pleases you, through the fear of it not quite pleasing others.


As a writer, you should never feel the need to conform to any sorts of rules or regulations when it comes to birthing your masterpiece. The primary reason being, when it comes to writing, or any form of creativity in my opinion, there are no such things as rules and regulations. There is only you, your creative mind and whatever vice you choose to portray your genius.

The day you learn this, is the day your work becomes better than ever before. I’ve been there myself and trust me, now that I’m writing strictly for myself as opposed to trying to write something I think others will enjoy, my work has been better than ever before. So make a start yourself, stop worrying about non-existent rules and writing for an audience and start writing for yourself and tell the tale your heart aches to.

And writing for yourself, and not giving a damn about what anyone thinks of your work, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!

Micro-Poetry #40:


But what if our together was forever?

It’s that breathtaking smile, perfect and true,

Because darling when you smile, the world smiles too.

The days are long gone,

I will no longer cry over spilled blood,

Only over the blood remaining,

Unspilled; untarnished

Allowing me to live

Allowing words to flow,

My lungs to function;

My poetry to breathe.

I am the earth,

She is the sun:

Only when I rotate in her direction

Can their be light.

The Keys to Success #17: Learn to Love Monday

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There is nothing, and I mean literally nothing, worse than someone who complains about anything and everything. Whether that mean they go on social media and write status updates saying who tired and drained they are and how they just want to stay in bed forever. Or it could mean they tell every single living, breathing person they see just how terrible their day is and how much they wish it was over already.

You want to know what this sort of negative attitude gets you? A one-way ticket to failure town, that’s what.

I literally see it everywhere, on every form of social media, every single hour, of every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get upset over it or let it bother me, because that would only result in it taking away from my success too. But whenever I do see it (which like I said is a lot), I just ask myself why. Why be a complainer? Why be a moaner? Why not just shut the fuck up and get your shit done?

It baffles me sometimes, how people seem to be so complacent, just milling through life with no motivations or goals or desire to be successful. How they are happy with their mediocrity and their incessant complaining on social media. But then again, I guess we’re all on different journeys. I happen to be someone who is self-motivated and driven, maybe they aren’t. It’s a concept I cannot fully understand, but I shall accept it for what it is I guess…


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Yep you guessed it… Monday is that wonderful day in which incessant complainers incessantly complain most. I think for the majority of our society, Monday is the horrible start to every week, where the fun of the weekend is over and it’s back to the harsh realities of adulthood and work. But, did I ever tell you that successful people tend not to be included in he majority of our society? If you hate Monday, then chances are you hate your job. And if you hate your job, then to me that means you’re stuck in some sort of situation resulting in you being underpaid. One of the main reasons we work is to make money, is it not? So when someone finds themselves in an underpaid role, chances are they really begin to hate the day they are torn from their weekend of freedom and placed back into the heart of the swirling shit-storm.

But you know what? I FUCKING LOVE MONDAY!!!

It’s true, nothing excites me more than the thought of slingshotting myself from my bed on a Monday morning, grabbing a huge cup of coffee and getting started on my day of work. The fire in my stomach burns constantly, and when I wake up on Monday morning it’s no different. Granted, I never have a day off work completely, so to me there’s no such thing as a totally free weekend, so by the time Monday comes round it is not to me as it might be for others, where they’re back to work and hating life.

To me it’s another day, another day where my heart is beating and my lungs are inflating with air as they should. Another day I can use to get myself closer to the success I know is coming. What could possibly be better than the thought of that? The question is not: ‘how are you so motivated?’, the better question is: how are you not?


Image result for monday

So if you’re someone who finds themselves thinking of Monday mornings as the closest thing to a living nightmare they could possibly find themselves in, then listen loud and listen clear: it’s time to make a change! That’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’ have to wake up dreading Mondays, and counting down the seconds until Friday. You don’t have to live for the weekend and hate your work life so much that the thought of beginning a new working week is disgusting to you. It literally just doesn’t have to be that way. The power is in your hands. You are the reason you ended up in this job you hate and only you are capable of taking yourself back out of it and placing yourself into a field you enjoy more. Not everyone on this earth can make a living doing the things they love, but that doesn’t mean they can’t give it one hell of a try.

So, if you hate Monday and like to complain about Monday, then you had better get up off your ass and discover your passion. Then, once you discover your passion, learn how to start making money through your passion. Because let me tell you from personal experience, I may not be making a huge amount of money from writing (yet), but it still feels amazing knowing that I’m managing to make money doing hat I love. And that my friends, is the reason I love Monday morning!

And loving Monday morning, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!





Writing Tips/Insights #14: Writing Poetry Makes For Good Storytelling

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Me personally, I’ve always been a huge believer of two key things when it comes to writing, and those things are: writing every single day in some way, shape or form, and also, branching out in your writing and walking into any unexplored avenue you uncover.

My Philosophy behind it is simple, the idea behind writing every single day is because I like to think of our creativity levels and imaginations as another skill that has to be perfected. Like how a football player must train his feet, us writers must train our imaginations and keep those creative juices flowing, or else the flow will fizzle out.

The same simplicity is applied to my theory of branching out in your writing. The more genres and styles we write in, the more we try out and learn about, the more developed we become as writers.

And sticking with this theory, I believe there’s a very distinct benefit to be had from writing poetry, in terms of your capacity to construct a beautiful and gripping novel-length piece of writing.


Image result for poetry quotes

I find poetry to be one of the most expressive forms of writing out there. There are no set rules, no set boundaries; no set regulations, it’s just you, the paper and your pen. And what could be more beautiful than the thought of a blank page coming to life with nothing more than the trapped ingenious thoughts of a writer and a few shabby scrawls of black ink? It’s why I enjoy writing poetry so much, it is the type of writing in which I feel I am at my most free creatively. The ability to create an entire story with nothing more than just a few lines excites me more than it probably should, but that is life as a writer. When we read words that are strung together beautifully, we get excited. But when we read words that are strung together beautifully and were written by us ourselves, we start acting like kids on Christmas Eve, jumping around frantically at the thought of Santa bringing us crosswords this year.

With this type of freedom, comes great responsibility. or at least, that’s usually the case in the majority of old and boring cliched things. But with poetry, no such responsibility exists, and that is a valuable asset I feel we should all carry over into our novel-writing. Nothing hurts my heart, causes my soul to scream more, than a set of rules for writing a novel. Whenever I see such titles, be it on the front of a book or at the top of an article, my skin begins to crawl, my heart begins to bleed.

But what about the rules?


There are no rules when it comes to creativity. Do you here me? There. Are. No. Goddamned. Rules. When. It. Comes. To. Creativity! Which in turn means there are no goddamned rules for writing a novel, because, newsflash, writing a novel is one of the most creative processes I’ve ever come across. It’s essentially the act of creating an entirely new, alternate universe and existence, with nothing more than your brain and eighty-thousand words. Now if that isn’t creative, I don’t know what is.

I’ll say it again, just in case you missed it: there are no goddamned rules when it comes to writing a novel. And I feel poetry can really help to teach you this. So get out there, ingest the world, congest your thoughts, write some poetry, and discover your true creative freedom.

And discovering your true creative freedom, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!



Micro-Poetry #39:

Image result for rainfall





This millennium of rainfall,

Sweeping through my days

Washing away all I hold dear;

Though I embrace it

For the thought of what could wash us away

Must not scare us

It is the thought of allowing it to that I fear.

If you were lined up,

With the pyramids,

The towers,

The beautiful structures of our land

And all of the other wonders of the world,

It is you

That would be the most wonderful.

The concept of time frightens me,

Because our hours are numbered

Like the remaining days of our earth

And yet,

People still manage to waste it

As if we have it in abundance.

There are today’s micro-poems, hope you enjoy reading them! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

And, as always:

Happy writing!

The Keys to Success #16: The Difference Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be

And realising what it’s going to take to get there…

Image result for who you are and who you want to be


This makes a lot of sense when you think about it logically, so let’s start there. Who are you? Literally ask yourself that question right now as you’re reading this. Say it in your head: who am I? Let it sit there for a moment, ponder on it and really focus deeply on the concept of who you are at this current and exact nanosecond in time. Is this question easily answerable to you? Does the answer jump out at you like a bullet from a gun? If so, good. You’re already on your way to winning. If not, then we have just discovered our first problem. And what’s the solution to this problem? I hear you ask. Well, don’t fret because the answer is simple. Or maybe you should fret because the process of execution based on that answer isn’t so simple. But, you know how the saying goes: nothing good comes easy. Although in this case, it’s more like: nothing great comes from sitting on your ass and scratching your genitals. (Mainly aimed at the dudes out there. But you know, ladies, I’m not one to judge. Whatever floats your boat I say. Or whatever scratches your itch best…)


Image result for who you are and who you want to be

Let’s not get this all mixed up. When I say you have to realise who you are, I mean right now. Who are you right now? If the person you want to be is different to the person you are right now, then don’t get yourself worked up about it, that’s all part of life. You aren’t losing if you aren’t the person you want to be just yet, you’re only losing if you aren’t working on transitioning from the person you are now to becoming that person. That is the intangible step in this process.

And that is also the biggest difference and the main reason I’m currently writing this article. I find a good way to think of it is to consider yourself now as the person who is working towards coming the person they want to be. That’s how I view it. I view myself as the man who is currently working on becoming the best Goddamned writer and editor this world has ever seen. Now obviously that is exaggerated to the moon and beyond, but you get what I mean. Aim big and work for it, that’s what I believe in.


Image result for think about who you are

My advice to you is to start each day sitting on the edge of your bed, whilst your early morning alarm is still ringing around the inside of your head like that annoying buzzing fly who is incapable of finding the window it flew in through, and just take a minute or two to think about who you want to be.

People don’t get it sometimes. They wonder how I stay so motivated and how I continue to work towards my goals each and every day. But they don’t understand. It’s not some sort of magic formula or source of motivation, it’s simply because I have discovered something I am deeply passionate about and know that in order to get there, I’m going to have to put in the work necessary. If you haven’t discovered something that makes you want to get up early and get to work each and every day, then you haven’t discovered your true calling in life.

I know I’m not going to get to where I want to be sitting on my ass and praying it will happen, bitching and moaning because this part of life got in the way or that part of life got in the way, or I don’t have this or this doesn’t work for me. So knowing all of that, why would I then do it? I don’t. I get up each day, tell myself who I am currently and who I want to become, and then the day becomes nothing more than another step in the right direction. Another step closer to actually becoming the person I want to be.

And discovering yourself, and starting each day as if you’re on a motherfucking mission, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!

The Keys to Success #15: Quit Talking and Do It!


UmlGUG9KOFVQUjBaQ2lTc0xhcFdhUT09LS1RemUvUS9vWmFWU2dTUkZZWXpncUZnPT0=--27d7ee82e253b976ac135e52bd90f885262ab301Apologies for the severe lack of content over the past couple of months. I’ve been in a tough spot and had to really focus my attention on expanding my business in other areas, which meant I could not dedicate the amount of time I needed to to produce some good quality posts for you guys. But now I have my shit back together and I intend on keeping the content coming thick and fast!

Before I ramble for any longer, let’s just get into the post, shall we?

Execute, execute, execute!

Image result for execute

Say it with me! Say it in your head, say it out loud. Scream it to the world! But whatever you do, make sure that word sticks in your head like it was put in there covered in industrial strength glue. I can’t stress just how important it is to actually get out there and do shit, without spending hours or even days talking about it first.

I’ve been watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk lately, (if you haven’t heard of him, check him out on YouTube – I guarantee you, after one video, you’ll be out of your bed and up on your feet starting your first business) and the guy’s just an absolute beast. People out there today think they’re grinding, they think they’re getting shit done and killing it and hustling,  but the simple truth is… they’re not. They’re just not. Gary Vaynerchuk, now there’s a guy who is doing all of those things and more.

His content has really struck a chord in me recently and has really shown me just how hard we have to work in order to attain success. Now, the definition of success is a topic for another post, but by this I mean: becoming successful, in a way that meets our own expectations of success.

One of Gary’s main focal points and one of the things he believes in and really drives into his viewers most, is the idea of executing, and I just couldn’t agree with him more.

Why talk when you could do?

Image result for you are what you do not what you say

Sure, plans, strategies, outlines – they’re all good things to have on your side. But a common theme with a lot of people, is they spend all their time planning and none of their time doing. A success plan without action is just a shitty plan. That would be like having an Chicken BLT without the chicken. And let me put it this way: that would make for one shitty shitsandwich.

Instead of planning for hours and hours and days and weeks, why don’t you try actually doing? Executing. Get out there and study the market, study your area or niche, put yourself out there on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, start that blog, start that website, start that YouTube channel, get your content out there – just get out there and do. Then do and do and do. And only worry about planning along the way. The best plans are those that are made when we have the most context. The sooner you start, the more context you can gather and the more efficiently you can plan.

Start now, live in greatness

Now that you’ve read this, what are you going to do? Are you going to sit on your ass and whine about it, bitch and moan like a little girl? Or are you going to get out there, talk less, do more and rule the motherfucking world?

And ruling the motherfucking world, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!

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