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Writing Perils: How To Properly Format Your Dialogue Scenes

A big part of our game is studying the game. We assess all aspects of social media, analysing the content other pages/people are putting out. We take notes. We look for any gaps/holes. And if they appear, we fill them with wonderful content. That’s how the title for this article came about. There’s so much […]

A Scenic Poetry Prompt

The Prompt Scenery/Vibe: Airlessness. Fresh. New. Absolute, unhinged freedom. Poem’s Message: That life is *absolutely* what you make it. * * * Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share it with us in one way or another. Tag us in a post, post it […]

Writing Prompt: A Lurking Visitor

The Prompt Time to take out the trash. You sigh as you walk down your driveway. You sigh all the way to the trash can. But when you lift the lid, your sigh dissipates, and you scream. * * * What Happens Next? The purpose of this writing prompt is very simple. It’s there so […]

Writing Perils: Stop Treating Your Reader Like A Fool

Your reader is intelligent. It’s very easy to forget when you’re writing. A lot of writers fall into that typical trap, and start relaying every single detail of every single event over and over and over again. They tell the reader the curtains are blue, and proceed to tell them they’re blue five more times […]

Writing Perils: The Pros And Cons Of Self-Publishing

Any writer who takes themselves seriously will have found themselves caught up in this internal debate at some stage or another. The debate we’re talking about, of course, is all to do with self-publishing. For a lot of writers – especially the newcomers – this begins as a simple question. What is self-publishing? And comes […]

A Pair Of Helpful Poetry Prompts

The Prompts Poem One: Scenery/Vibe: A mountaintop – it’s airy, empty, vast. Poem’s Message: Even when you’re on top of the world, life can get pretty lonely.   Poem Two: Scenery/Vibe: Nothing but total, empty blackness. Poem’s Message: Dark thoughts usually equate to darkness. * * * Try these prompts for size and create something […]

Writing Prompt: A Different Style

The Prompt Let’s try something new. Pick up the first (fictional) book you see and turn to page ninety-three. Scan the page until you find sentence number six. Use that sentence as the opening sentence of your story, and create something based on the avenues it presents. * * * What Happens Next? This is […]

Five Tell-Tale Signs You’ve Caught The Writing Bug

There’s a difference between being a writer and being a writer. Did you know that? We didn’t think so… Let’s put it in simpler terms. There’s a difference between a writer – in a general sense, who is creative and might write for a job or a hobby, and a writer – someone who lives […]

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