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A Poetry Prompt: Dazzling

The Prompt Scenery/Vibe: A soft glow that penetrates the sky, lighting all below. Poem’s Message: That your words and emotions are important; that you should always focus on casting them in the light they deserve. * * * Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share […]

Emergency: A Writing Prompt

The Prompt You look into the sky and see a hot air balloon. Inside the basket, you can see the ant-sized people, waving their hands to and fro. It’s nice to see. At least there are still people out there who like to greet their fellow human. Seconds later, you see the orange flames as they […]

Writing Perils: There’s A Reason You Aren’t Motivated

Motivation is a touchy subject when it comes to writing. It’s a concept that fits into the same category as inspiration, because the two go hand in hand in most situations. It either goes one of two ways. You either get inspired by something, and are thus motivated as a result of that inspiration. Or, […]

Write Like No One Is Reading

But at the same time, like everyone is reading. Much like the market from a business standpoint, the reader is always right. If they didn’t like your narrative, or thought your list of characters wasn’t diverse enough, or thought your prose were a written car crash… they were right. They’re always – always – right. And as […]

New Moon: A Poetry Prompt

The Prompt Scenery/Vibe: Both darkness and light. They exist at once. One rules, the other is a secondary feature. Moonlight and shadows. Poem’s Message: That no matter how bad things get, there’s always light – you just have to search for it. * * * Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If […]

The Opening Sentence Is Easier Than You Think

There’s no freer feeling than sitting before a blank page, eager to spill the words from your mind so that you can fill it with creativity and wonder. That’s the beauty of writing. One minute you’re sat at work, wishing you weren’t; daydreaming the day away. And the next, you’re exploring the white shores of […]

Gone: A Writing Prompt

The Prompt It’s late. The thunder is rolling in. Pretty soon, it’ll be right over your house. And when it is, you won’t be able to hear him. You won’t hear the man creep from your living room to the bottom of your stairs. You won’t hear him ascending, venturing beyond the seventh step, even […]

Bliss: A Poetry Prompt

The Prompt Scenery/Vibe: The side of a mountain. High up. Just below the clouds. Where you can see the world, but the world can’t see you. Poem’s Message: That happiness is a lot to do with perspective. That two people could be dealt the exact same hand, and that one would be happy and make the most […]

Understanding Your Genre Is Crucial

Before you can write (or attempt to write) the next bestseller, there’s one thing you have to master before anything else. No, it’s not descriptive writing. Nope, it’s not a unique voice. Guess again, it’s not a great understanding of building characters. It’s none of those things. The first thing you should think about, whether […]

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