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Editing Your First Draft As You Write Is A Bad Idea

Writers love the first draft stage. It’s a time where they get to roam freely and explore their creative side (sort of mimicking the way they’re sat in their underwear in the real world doing just that,) for hours and hours without any negative feelings. They get to create new worlds, and explore those new […]

Up And At Em’ – Three Reasons To Have A Morning Routine

No matter what you choose to do in life, there’s always space for a morning routine. It may be that you want to explore early rising to excel in relation to your profession, or maybe you want to apply it to everyday life to see how it changes your daily mood. Whatever the reason, a […]

A Detailed Writing Prompt

Think of writing prompts as a writer’s photograph to study before they begin painting the blank canvass – only with words rather than images. Writing prompts are there to offer a guiding hand; to point struggling writers towards the safety of words, where writer’s block cannot hurt them. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with […]

Writer Beware: The Dreaded Rush

No matter your skill level, no matter how long you’ve been doing it or how many times you’ve done it, writing a book is always hard. This isn’t just because it’s so difficult to get right, it’s because it’s so easy to get wrong. Not to put a dampener on things, but there are so […]

So, You’re Too Tired To Write…

False. There’s no such thing. * * * This excuse can come in a number of other ways too. ‘I don’t have time.’ ‘I’m busy tonight.’ ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’ ‘I need to take a break.’ The thing with excuses is that they won’t make you a great writer. They won’t make you a great […]

Never Fear – You Are A Writer

No matter how much your brain may try to convince you that you aren’t… It’s a daunting thought, taking the leap out into the open and announcing your new-found status as a writer to the world – so it’s no wonder some people try to hide from said status. There are a whole host of […]

When Self-Editing, Think Purpose

In this life as a writer, in this cruel journey of words and blockages, you will have grown to realise two things: coffee is too expensive, and rewriting your novel is perhaps the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. It’s funny really, because you thought those exact thoughts after finishing your first draft, and thought that […]

A Writing Prompt: Explore Your Dark Side

Don’t sweat it, this post doesn’t contain any Darth Vader jokes. At least not outside of the wonderfully subtle one I just dropped… If you’re still sat on the fence about writing prompts, you should seriously come down now and join team ‘Writing Prompts are Awesome’. Because they are, and let me tell you how. It’s […]

Writing A Novel: What It Means to You

Chances are, if you clicked on this article, this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve probably walked this road a few times before, yet somehow, even though it’s been the same road, each journey turned out to be different. The journey, in this instance, is the journey of writing a novel. The journey of sitting yourself […]

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