Good evening ya’ll!

I’m just sitting down to begin my evening writing session and I thought that I’d type a random short piece of writing and upload it totally raw. I hope to create a piece which contains a little tension and suspense. Maybe an element of horror too. I dunno, let’s just see what happens!

So, without further ado, here we go:

He had crossed over to the other side of the street now, sticking close to the buildings on his right, using the shadows to his advantage. His girl was on the other side of the street, maybe 200 yards ahead. But despite the distance between them, he could still smell the wonderful scent of her perfume. It was still hot in his nostrils from when they were in the elevator. He had been only inches away from her, the thought was almost unbearable. So close, yet so far. He knew that he had to resist the temptation. The urge to grab her there and then, as the elevator descended. The only reason he was able to fight off the urge, was because he kept reminding himself that the time would come. If he waited, he would have her all to himself – where no one could possibly interrupt. And that time was upon him. That time was now.

The streets were still gloriously empty. The silence was a thing to marvel at. And the way that the darkness seemed to exist in greater quantities in this street excited him. It rolled through the emptiness, its shadowy arms caressing the cracked paving stones and fire hydrants as it intensified, growing even blacker. It rapped its knuckles on the window panes of sleeping children, eager to smother them, to bring terror into their night. And it tip-toed right behind his girl, so close that it could almost taste her flesh, and then it wrapped itself around her, engulfing her entire body. It made him smile as he watched his girl plunge into the blackness, then his smile disappeared and he began towards her, hungrier than ever.

So, that’s that! Hope you enjoyed!


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