Liam J Cross

Usually, the writing prompts here are full of meat and pack and almighty punch. The writer is thrown into the heart of the story, into the beginning it has already been given, and they get to decide what direction the plot goes in from there.

Today though, we’re going to play this thing a little differently.

Today’s writing prompt is a more traditional sort of prompt, where the delivery of it is ambiguous and less like a plot that has already been started for the reader. The benefits of traditional writing prompts are many. They allow you to think for yourself, and train those plot developing muscles because you have to come up with the plot on your own.

The prompts that are usually posted here are more detailed, so those are great for diving right in without having to think about anything. With traditional prompts though, you have to think of things from scratch, which makes them great for developing your imagination and plotting skills.

* * *

The Prompt

bus, people, public transportation

There’s only fifteen minutes until the bomb goes off, killing everyone in Chicago. But as they run into the bus and scout it out, the detectives discover something much worse…

* * *


Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share it with me in one way or another. Tag me in a post, post it in the comments, send it to me in an email – I’d love to read your work.

Who knows? If you send something my way and I really like the way you write, I might just offer you a discount on my editing services. Or I might even edit a few chapters for free. It’s worth a try on your part.

You can reach me with your submission or with any questions/inquiries here.

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