My name is Liam Cross, and I believe in fiction.

(If you get that spinoff movie reference, we’re going to be great friends.)

I am an entrepreneur, ghostwriter, and editor from Northumberland England, which basically means I sit hunched up in my office all day and turn coffee into productivity. Not tea as my UK status might have you believe. I hate tea. And yes you read that right.

I have over three years of professional experience in ghostwriting and editing, and dedicate countless hours every single day toward bettering myself in those respects. I have worked on many books and lots of different genres over the years, some published, others not quite there. But one thing’s for sure, every book I work on is treated with the same love and care, and I dedicate every ounce of my knowledge in order to make it the best book it can be. Need proof?

You can view a list of the published books I’ve worked on here.


(Yes, this picture is at the top of the page, I simply wanted it here too, only in a smaller format. Got a problem with that? Speak to my PA, who you can find at

I spend most my time editing, and fit in my personal work whenever I can. Which translates to basically never – but that’s fine, because I love the rush of emotion that sweeps over me when I send another happy client away with their freshly edited manuscript. It’s quite simply the literary equivalent of falling in love. Only I fall in love with books and not people, and I never get my heart broken.

I am on a journey to become the best version of myself possible. As a writer, an editor, an entrepreneur, a coffee drinker, an adventurer and ultimately, as a person.

Come with me on my journey, and share my love of all things written.


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