Liam J Cross

My name is Liam Cross, and I believe in fiction.

(If you get that movie reference, then we’re going to be great friends.)

I am a freelance ghostwriter and editor living in Northumberland England, which basically means that I sit hunched up in my room all day and turn coffee into productivity. Not tea as my UK status might have you believe. I hate tea. And yes you read that right.

Aside from coffee-drinking and the occasional editing project or written piece for a client, I spend my time doing what writers do best: writing. And reading of course. I mainly write poetry and crime fiction, and I’m currently almost finished the final draft of my crime novel ‘The Revisiting Darkness’ – it has been a rough two years, but I’ll always love that project, even if nobody else does (my grandma doesn’t count.)

Writing for me is an outlet, a saviour, and I can’t imagine a day without writing at least something. Even if it’s just a short poem, I have to crank something out, because if I don’t I fear my brain might literally explode and come spiralling down from the sky in small chunks, in the form of brain matter rainfall. Gross.

Fun fact: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under thirty seconds – I always have to get that one in there. I think I can move my hands so fast because of all the damn typing.


(Yes, this picture is at the top of the page, I simply wanted it here too, only in a smaller format. Got a problem with that? Speak to my PA, who you can find at http://www.mypadoesnotexist.com)

Writing is wonderful. It can be simple, it can be complex, richly-detailed or plainly put. It can make us laugh, it can make us cry, it can make us smile and it can make us frown. Writing makes us feel. Its power can be harnessed to evoke emotion in even the driest, dullest, most soul-draining personalities. And those are the reasons writing is so wonderfully brilliant. The reasons that caused my love for it.

I now delegate my time to editing, and I fit in my personal work whenever I can. Which translates to hardly ever. But that’s fine, because I love the rush of emotion that sweeps over me when I send another happy client on their way with their freshly edited manuscript. (20% discount code for blog/article content writing is: BA20) It is quite simply the literary equivalent of falling in love. Only I fall in love with books and not people and never get heartbroken.

I don’t know why that still sounds strange to me though, it’s been that way since day one…

I am essentially on a journey to become the best version of myself possible. As a writer, an editor, an entrepreneur, a music enthusiast, a coffee drinker, a Rubik’s cube solver, an adventurer and ultimately, as a person.

Come with me on my journey, and share my passion for all things written!

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