Writing quotes are oftentimes more than just quotes about writing. Of course, that’s what they literally are, but we’re talking in metaphors here. Come on. You’re supposed to be a writer. Get with it.

At their most basic level, writing quotes are there to inspire and motivate; to help the endangered writer when they’re at the end of their creative tether, swinging back and forth and getting closer to the edge with every word they fail to write. It’s a dangerous place to be, so sometimes, that leads to a little soul-searching.

There’s nothing more comforting to a writer than a quote they can relate to.

Let’s pretend you’re struggling with finding the motivation to write, and figure you’ll just crawl into bed instead – chances are, that’s exactly what you’re going to do. But just before you do that, you dive on Instagram and come across a post that reads, ‘A writer doesn’t complain, they write.’

Seeing something like that at such a low-point holds a lot of power, and you should see it as the universe giving you a sign. What good will going to bed do anyway? Sleeping in the middle of the afternoon won’t make you a better writer.

Having said that…

* * *

Try This For Size

Blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table

“Never compare your work to that of a published author. Traditionally published books have been reviewed and worked on by a huge team of in-industry professionals, who between them have hundreds of years of experience. Of course your writing isn’t as good.” – Liam J Cross

* * *

Now Stop Comparing

Traffic Light Under Blue SkyFeels better, doesn’t it?

Comparing your work to that of a book that has been worked on so extensively is futile. Just imagine how many hours have gone into the production of the book you’re comparing your manuscript to; imagine how many sets of eyes have scanned its pages, and then consider how experienced those eyes are.

When you compare that to you and your granny reading your work a few times and thinking about how it could be better, you’ll understand why comparison is dumb.

You may not be as great as Stephen King, but we bet you’d be surprised at how much better your manuscript would be if it was reviewed and worked on by his team of editors and professionals.

Stop beating yourself up and comparing yourself unnecessarily. Just work hard and keep working hard. And maybe one day, your book will see success.

* * *

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