Silhouette Photography Of Boat On Water during Sunset

The Purpose

This prompt comes at you from a different angle to our usual writing prompts. This one is more focussed on creating a solid scene description – that’s what we want you to think about when working on this one.

Scene descriptions are such a huge part of writing.

When working on them here, there is something we want you to keep in mind. Be sure to focus on the pacing of your description. Try not to drag it out and bore the reader with waves and waves of pointless commentary. That’s the easiest trap to fall into.

Instead of that, focus on flowing through the necessary things; the things that will help the reader to build a clearer picture of the setting they’re being introduced to. That will build better reader engagement and will ensure that they stay interested for longer.

The Prompt

You stop dead and look around. The first thing you notice is the emptiness of the sky. But then all that changes. Clouds appear, seemingly from nowhere, and the once blue sky adopts an ominous tone.

You look up one last time before it hits.

Road In Between Grass Field Under Grey Sky

Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share it with us in one way or another. Tag us in a post, post it in the comments, send it to us in an email – we’d love to read your work.

Who knows? If you send something our way and we really like the way you write, we might just offer you a discount on our editing services. Or we might even edit a few chapters for free. It’s worth a try on your part.

You can reach us with your submission or with any questions/inquiries here.

DISCLAIMER: These prompts are here for you to use however you like. You can use them to aid you in short story inspiration for competitions, or even for full-length novels. They’re yours. Consider them your little gift – from us, to you. Do with them as you wish!

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