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The Purpose

For today’s prompt, we want you to focus on creating great tension and the importance of world-building. It’s because of this that we’re choosing to set this one up from an alternate earth standpoint. The protagonist has woken up and encountered some weird and terrible things.

He just wants to go back to sleep and wake up on the normal version of his planet – that’s where the tension aspect of it comes in. As you know, writers rarely give the characters what they want. That usually happens at the end.

And guess what, our wonderful writing friends, this is only the beginning…

The Prompt

Why had everything been so black

He couldn’t remember much, only that he’d woken up in this strange place that looked like earth but was far from it. All he knew for sure was that he was glad those things had gone away. Sure, they may have dragged his wife away with them, but he’d deal with that loss later. Right now, he was simply glad they were gone.

There was a soft growling sound in his left ear.

Or at least he had been…

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