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The Purpose

This prompt is going to stir all kinds of terribly beautiful ideas.

On this wonderful Friday, we’re taking it back to tension. We’re going to paint a scenario that fills your head with lots of insane twists and turns. By the end of this prompt, you’ll have thought of and outlined an entire plot for the next Gone Girl!

Okay, let’s not go that far… But still, this prompt is going to be awesome.

Focus on the tension, and give the reader a shocking reveal that’ll knock their socks off. No matter what genre you write, this is a useful skill to have. Shocking reveals are great to make use of in all genres, especially at the end of your chapters, when you’re trying to encourage the reader to carry on reading.

The Prompt

There’s no place like home.

That’s what she thinks when she walks through the door. It had been a terribly stressful day at the office. She spent her day doing coffee rounds that no one thanked her for and filing reports that no one read. She often wonders if there’s any point.

But not at home. She’s a different person entirely when she returns home. Here, with Martin around, all her worries fade away. They melt into the ground around her as soon as she slips out of her heels. She leaves them in that puddle of worry, an indicator of just how much she hates what she does.

Martin appears in the living room doorway right on cue. He smiles his Martin smile and steps towards her, one hand out in front and the other behind his back, resting on the object he is concealing there.

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