The Purpose:

Okay, hopeless romantics, this week’s poetry prompt goes out to you.

Love is one of the most popular sub-topics in the wonderful world of poetry. Throughout time, literary greats have churned out love poem after love poem, as if no other emotions exist. Some of the greatest pieces ever were centred around love, mainly because it’s such a versatile, deeply relatable topic.

Everyone knows how it feels to love; to be loved. It’s the only thing we truly have.

But, have you ever considered the effects penning love poems can have on your novel writing? Because trust us, it can work wonders for your prose. How? Very simply: when you write poetry about love, you go deep and narrow as opposed to shallow and wide. If you mimic this in your novel, your characterisation is going to be so much stronger.

The Prompt

Scenery/Vibe: Big city. Dusk. Red skies. Tall buildings. Reflective skylines. A cold patch beside you on the empty park bench.

Poem’s Message: The world will always go on around you, but nothing will pull you from the face of it like losing someone you love.

Woman Wearing Blue Jacket

Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share it with us in one way or another. Tag us in a post, post it in the comments, send it to us in an email – we’d love to read your work.

Who knows? If you send something our way and we really like the way you write, we might just offer you a discount on our editing services. Or we might even edit a few chapters for free. It’s worth a try on your part.

You can reach us with your submission or with any questions/inquiries here.

DISCLAIMER: These prompts are here for you to use however you like. You can use them to aid you and give inspiration for competitions, or even for full-length poetry collections. They’re yours. Consider them your little gift – from us, to you. Do with them as you wish!


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