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It’s October! And that’s an exciting time for the writing community.

Halloween is always a great time of the year for writers. The horror vibes creep into your stories, the movie marathons begin, the nights become dark and welcoming – it’s the ultimate time of inspiration when it comes to telling tales.

And, of course, it’s now only one more month until November… and unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you all know what that means.

We based this poetry prompt on Halloween. And we really hope you enjoy it.

The Purpose

When writing based on this one, think about your unique voice when it comes to poetry. Give the reader the unique words they want to read in the unique order that only you can present them in.

Focussing on your voice while you’re writing is a great way to strengthen it. You don’t tend to think too much about it in usual circumstances, but because this is a prompt, take a little time to slow things down and really think about what you’re trying to say and how you’re trying to say it.

The Prompt

Scenery/Vibe: A pumpkin patch. You’re cold and alone. And it’s just about to snow. It’s dark outside. There’s light in the distance. Then blackness. The pumpkins help.

Poem’s Message: That even when you least expect it, there’s always something there to help you. You just have to look a little closer.

Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share it with us in one way or another. Tag us in a post, post it in the comments, send it to us in an email – we’d love to read your work.

Who knows? If you send something our way and we really like the way you write, we might just offer you a discount on our editing services. Or we might even edit a few chapters for free. It’s worth a try on your part.

You can reach us with your submission or with any questions/inquiries here.

DISCLAIMER: These prompts are here for you to use however you like. You can use them to aid you and give inspiration for competitions, or even for full-length poetry collections. They’re yours. Consider them your little gift – from us, to you. Do with them as you wish!

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