Instagram Growth: Three Simple Strategies That Will Help Grow Your Account

Liam J Cross

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In our current world of social media and technology, Instagram is most definitely up there with some of the most popular platforms around. Based on this simple fact, it’s no wonder businesses across the globe are trying to make use of the platform in order to grow their brand. And try is the key word in that sentence, as a lot of folk are going about in the wrong sort of way.

Let’s get one thing straight.

The truth is, unless you have a post or two go viral, you aren’t going to sky-rocket to superstardom overnight. The process of growing your account will be a long winding road of grueling hours and very little engagement, and that’s the single biggest reason as to why most people don’t make it to the end of that road.

On that note, that leads us nicely into point number one.

Employ Patience

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And I don’t just mean be patient for a few months, because that’s not really being patient. I mean be patient forever. Patience is a trait that most of us just aren’t capable of these days. We hear these stories of people and businesses who shoot to fame and fortune overnight and we wish that was us; we want that because it’s the easiest way. Well I hate to tell you, but as rare as growing that fast is, it still takes way more work than anyone probably saw.

My number one tip in relation to growing on Instagram is to be patient. Don’t expect overnight results and don’t fall off just because you only gained ten followers this week. Ten followers a week is still progress. Heck, even if you only gain one follower a week, that’s still one more than you had the week before. Slow walking is still walking my friends.

So be patient, stick to your regular posting schedule, and don’t fall off just because it’s taking a while. Instead, expect it to take a while, love that it’s taking a while. Sometimes we’re so focused on the end result that we forget to live in the present moment. Learn to love the process more than the thought of the result itself, and you’ve already won – even if you don’t quite reach your desired end result.

Post Great Content Daily

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This goes hand in hand with the previous point. In order to really grow your account, I recommend posting at least once a day. Don’t get sloppy with it, don’t post something just for the sake of posting it. Actually take some time from your day and create some awesome content. Create some quotes, take some cool photos, collaborate with other users – do whatever you think suits your account best.

It’s easy to post great content, but it’s not so easy to post great content on a schedule of no less than once a day. Sometimes, due to your other commitments, your Instagram posts might get pushed to the back of your list because you may deem them as less important. Please, please, please don’t let this be the case.

If you’re serious about growing your account and building your brand, then please take that hour a day out of your schedule to create the awesome content your business account deserves. If you’re real about this and if you actually want to grow your brand, then you’ll always find the time to create.

Even try out my current strategy. At the moment, Saturdays are my content days, which means I sit all day and write my blog posts and my Instagram posts for both of my accounts and get them all scheduled and ready to go for the following week. This way I have no excuses because I have a piece of content for each day, all I have to do is post it.

So, if you’re real about growing as a brand and as a business, either create your content on the daily, or give my technique a try and dedicate a day to writing it all in one go. Either way just make sure you get your content out there, and definitely make sure it aligns with the vision you’re trying to create.

Engage With Other Users

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Right off the bat, what I definitely don’t mean by this, is spamming fifty accounts with comments like any of the following:


‘Nice post. Check us out!’


*100 emoji*

The people who run the stupid accounts that dish out comments such as those should be removed from the face of this Earth and given their own little section of Mars – with some WiFi of course, so they can sit and spam each other’s accounts with their mindless, brain-numbing comments.

Okay, now that my daily rant is over…

What I mean by engagement is actual engagement. Go through a hashtag, like the posts and leave comments whenever you see a post that gives you the urge to leave one – that way, your comment will seem genuine and it won’t come across as one of those stupid spam comments. Maybe then the person whose post you comment on will check out your account, as opposed to just cursing loudly at their screen.

Make your comments constructive and useful. At no point should you ask them to check out your account. Instead, simply leave a comment that will make them want to. Make it constructive, make it useful; make it human. Because behind those screens and accounts, these are humans we’re interacting with after all.

Give These Strategies a Try

These are some simple tips and they’re certainly no major secret in the game of social media growth, but I just feel as though these are the basic principles and I wanted to share them with you guys.

I hope you find them as useful as I do, because I’m really seeing some positive growth across all of my social platforms. I wish you the same success.

Get those posts created and get that content out as often as you can, and you’ll be well on your way to building the brand your business deserves.


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3 thoughts on “Instagram Growth: Three Simple Strategies That Will Help Grow Your Account

  1. Liam, great ideas. Wish I could keep up, however right now I’m busy writing the book. I make comments on blogs, but post infrequently. Change a sunset, promote a fellow blogger, but that’s all. Maybe when I start marketing the finished book, I’ll need to step up growing my account. Christine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s always great to put your all into whatever you’re doing. Right now I end up usually working 12-15 hours a day because I need to do all of my social media etc as well as my writing and editing work, day job and my training at the gym. I’m sometimes a little rundown and feel as though I cannot be bothered, but I’m loving the process!


  2. Your schedule sounds rather tiring! However, your passion for all you do will keep you going. I’m impressed with your high quality website and posts. Writing for a living is hard work. I’m lucky that pressure is off. In retirement I write for pleasure (and hope to get somewhere with it). Christine


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