Two Writing Tips to Really Free Your Writing Soul

Liam J Cross

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Whether you have a great relationship with it or a not-so-great relationship with it – chances are, you’re here because you love writing either way. I find in most instances, that it’s definitely a case of both.




You have a great relationship with writing a lot of the time (usually whilst you’re writing with ease and creating awesome content,) and other times, your feelings towards it aren’t quite so innocent and usually contain a lot – A LOT – of profanities.

Well, that’s where I come in.

I’m here to save you some money on that swear jar of yours (not sure if it would be known as a curse jar in the US, please enlighten me if you know of an equivalent) by giving you some awesome writing tips that can really improve not only your game, but also your attitude towards writing as a whole.

So let’s jump right into them. Here are two writing tips that you can make use of for the rest of your writing life.

Let it Flow, Let it Flow; Let it Flow

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Okay, so maybe it’s a little late (or early, depending on your levels of optimism) to be busting out the Christmas jokes, but I’m proud of that one, so please let me have it. Just this once.

This particular tip should be reserved for those times where you find yourself really lacking both motivation and inspiration. I find a great way to combat this feeling of absolute hopelessness, is to venture out of your usual writing routine and explore with your plot a little. Now, that sounds a little ambiguous and spiritual right now, but let me explain.

I think sometimes you just have to let the plot unfold the way it wants to; the way it needs to. I’ve found myself sat at my keyboard countless times wondering how on earth a certain idea or scene crept its way onto the page. I think sometimes we just have to let the creativity take over and not care too much about the intricacies. Isn’t that what the rewriting process is for?

The sign of a powerful plot is a plot that begins writing itself. This way, it unfolds exactly how it needs to unfold, and is based on the foundations you’ve already laid as opposed to scenarios you feel as though you should reach. Give this a try next time you’re struggling and really cut loose with it. My bet is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Be Disciplined

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Contrary to the previous tip, this one stems more from my attitude towards putting in the necessary work than it does from my creative side. Don’t get it twisted though, as much as writing is a creative process, you still have to put in the grueling hours. There are no shortcuts in this game, and that is why this tip is so down to earth and to the point.

The facts are simple: your book will never be written if you don’t write it. I mean, what could be more obvious than that? It’s all good planning and drafting and creating character outlines and all the rest of it, but when it comes down to it, if you don’t sit your ass down and put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, your vision will never become anything solid. It’ll remain a mere dream that you never set out to turn into a reality.

So do it. Force yourself to write, and do it frequently. At least once a day I always say. It doesn’t matter what it is or what it ends up becoming, but if you don’t have enough time left to sit and spend a few solid hours working on your main project, just write something else. A poem, a short story, heck even a freaking log of how your day has been – just write something. This way, by forcing yourself to write, you’re teaching yourself discipline, and it’s this discipline that you’ll make use of to work on your main project whenever you get time to.

Learn From These Tips

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There you have it folks, two simple yet truly tried and tested tips that will really improve your game. A lot of the time, this is all one big mental battle. If you can overcome those mental hurdles, chances are you’re going to find some sort of success with writing. That’s how it is with pretty much anything in life. If you can win the battle inside your own mind, you can win the battle out there on the playing field.

Writing can be a damn tough mental battle, there’s no doubting that.

The key here though, is that despite your mixed emotions, you love writing with all of your being, and will continue to love it until your dying day. That’s the way it is once you catch the bug. You sit down one day all excited to finally give this whole writing thing a go, then the next thing you know, you’re sat a few months down the line with a little less hair and a lot less sanity. But more importantly, a lot more life to give. That’s how it goes.

Writing becomes us. It may steal our hair, it may steal our sanity, but it always offers us a broader, much more abundant understanding of life. And isn’t that just beautiful?


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