The Train to Success: Three Ways to Stay Productive Every Day

Liam J Cross

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It has to be said that in life, one of the most courageous, most self-loving things someone can ever do, is embark onto a journey of self-made success and happiness. There’s something very rewarding about making it as a successful human being; about creating the life you wish to live.


Now, the word successful can mean many different things for many different people, but in this context, and for the sake of this article, let’s take it in the context of financial security and self-employment.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not actually taking the first steps down these roads that’s the hard part. It’s easy to stay motivated for a couple of weeks, it’s easy to put in work Monday through Thursday daytime and then have the evenings and weekend off. What’s not easy, is staying on the train to success.

Once you board, you can’t just sit there and absorb the views as the world passes you by. Oh no. You have to pay your ticket price over and over again every single day, and when you fail to fork up the cash for your ticket, you are no longer allowed on the train.

I can already here your response to that one.

“But what about balance? What about my family and friends? What about my relaxation time?”

Just think of it like this: the less time you spend focussing on chasing your goals, the longer it’s going to take to achieve them. The maths is super simple to understand when you put it like that.

Now, of course having scheduled time off and time with your loved ones is important, and that’s why you plan those things out as you go. It’s okay to have some time off here and there, but the simple fact of the matter is: if you want to be truly successful, you’ve got to be willing to make those small sacrifices to get there. If you want to be truly successful, most of your time should be spent chasing said success.

We come to the hardest part now: maintaining that motivation. Once you find it, how do you ensure that you’re actually being productive? It’s awful to feel as though you’re just aimlessly spinning your wheels in the hope of ending up somewhere good. If you’re struggling with maintaining your productivity levels, carry on reading to discover three great ways to stay productive every day.

Wake Up Every Morning With Positive Thoughts

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Now, this may sound incredibly generic (probably because it is) but it actually really, really works. Really.


Upon waking, tell yourself all the good things you’ve got going on in life; run them through your head one by one and consider just how blessed you are to simply exist on this earth, let alone to have all these other amazing people and things around you.

After that, remind yourself of who you are currently, who you want to be in ten years time, and what you’re going to do today to get yourself there. This whole thing really should be taken one day at a time. It’s tough to stay motivated when you start looking at things as a whole, because it can quickly make you uninspired if you haven’t gotten anywhere near your goals. Attacking each day as it comes and goes is a great way to combat this.

So keep things simple. Wake up and smile (like, literally smile towards your ceiling,) tell yourself that you’re blessed and then tell yourself what you’re going to do today to get yourself closer to your goals. You’ll be surprised at how this simple trick can really set you up for an extremely positive and productive day.

Plan Your Day

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Following on from point number one, the next logical step in your morning routine is to plan your day. I’ve seen great elevations in my productivity levels through simply creating a to-do list for each and every day as it dawns. I simply wake up, check my emails and social media, and then create my list based off of both those, and my current work schedule.

For example, if I have calls to make, they get scheduled and thrown in there. I also plan my time to post on social media and write blog posts, my time I’m going to spend training at the gym, and even what times I’m going to eat. All in all, my list usually ends up taking me twelve to fifteen hours to complete – that’s how I know I’ve been productive.

Not many people would enjoy living such a scheduled life, but then again, not many people are as hungry as I am for success. They might speak it, but do they do it? That’s the crucial part in all this.

Words are meaningless in this game; execution is what matters most. So either talk about it, or get up and go do – there are no prizes for guessing which one of the two will bring you the most success.

Learn to Love Your Own Company

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Let’s face it, no matter how often we try to convince ourselves that we’ll be able to work on editing our book whilst we’re out grabbing a coffee with our friends, it never quite works out the way we imagine it.

We’ve all been there: sat in the company of others, taking two hours to finish something that would have taken us a quarter of that time if we had been sat alone. This equates to an hour and a half of wasted time; wasted time that you cannot afford to waste.

This is why it’s better to just get your work done and then factor in time for friends and family later. You’ll find that you’ll be way more productive whilst alone, and you’ll then have more time to do extra work once you’ve finished with the first project. It all comes down to time management and the efficiency you maintain within those time frames – they are the two things that most dictate your success.

Full Steam Ahead

You’ve been given your ticket, now it’s time to hop onto the train; now it’s time to get yourself on the right track. With lots of hard work, determination, and a hint of craziness, you’ll definitely get there. It just comes down to how bad you want to win in the long term. If you want to win in ten years more than you want to go out and get wasted, or more than you want to lounge around and watch TV all day, then you’re well on your way to victory.


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