For the Writers: Two Writing Prompts That Really Stimulate

Liam J Cross

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As an avid writer myself, I write daily – even if it’s only a couple hundred words – and because of this, I always advise my clients, and those who follow me on social media, to do the same.

There are numerous benefits behind writing each and every day, the most useful of which is that it makes you the best writer you can possibly be because it helps you to improve at a much faster rate. Writing is like anything in life: the best of the best get there through sheer grit, determination, consistency and hard work; the worst of the worst stay that way because they never execute against their dreams. You become a great writer by writing, not by thinking about writing.

However true this may be, there are of course always downfalls.

Writing every day can be tough. Not necessarily because you lack the motivation, but more because you lack a topic or a project to work on. Well, you know what might just save you there? Writing prompts of course.

Let’s say you’re working on two projects – a novel and a poetry collection, for example’s sake – and you’ve worked on them both over the past two days. When the third day comes round, you’re fed up of working on those but still want to write. The issue then becomes: what do I write about?

It can be draining coming up with plot after plot for short stories that you’re never going to read again (a lot of the time I write short stories just to write something,) so why not take away that stress on your brain by making use of some writing prompts?

But where can I find writing prompts?

Well the answer to that one is very simple. You can find them right here on this very blog (with a lot of other awesome content of course,) so why not just jump right in and try one out for yourself? You won’t regret it – and neither will your future writing ability.

The Eerie Prompt

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You return home from work to find your house totally empty, which is strange because your wife and kids usually get home hours before you do. No biggie, they must just be out, you tell yourself, so you head upstairs to take a shower instead.

When you get upstairs, get undressed and get the shower running, you step in and enjoy the sensation of the warm water running down your skin. That is, until you look down down and notice the blood-red liquid dripping from your torso.

The Happy Prompt

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You’re in a park; the wind is flowing through your hair. You’re happy, you’re alone; you’re finally free. You walk along the path full of love and life, and you pause only to observe the world that is passing you by.

As you near the end of the walkway, you see an old lady struggling to cross the street. As you walk over to help her, she slips her frail arm from her coat pocket and thrusts the 9mm into your sternum.

(Ha I fooled you, it’s not actually a happy prompt…)

Be Filled With Inspiration

Now get to it.

Try these prompts for size and create something based on them. If you do write something, please share it with me in one way or another. Tag me in a post, post it in the comments, send it to me in an email – I’d love to read your work.

If you find these prompts useful and want to get more writing and self-editing tips and motivation, why not follow my blog? It’s a great source of free help and advice and if you do follow me, you get one imaginary cookie – that’s some virtual deliciousness right there!


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2 thoughts on “For the Writers: Two Writing Prompts That Really Stimulate

  1. {continuing the ghostly prompt}The blood is warm and sticky,as if coagulating.A adrenaline surge and you begin shivering.Where is the blood coming from?Where is your family?Did something happen to them??
    How?When?floods your brain.
    You grab a towel and rub yourself frantically.Then you see..
    It isn’t your favorite indigo towel,its a dry rough patchwork of skins-Gentle skins,cracking with age.Something seems familiar.A look around the house shows complete disarray-stuff scattered about,books strewn and picture out of the ornate frames.
    Silence rings in your brain and you punch the numbers on your phone.
    “Not reachable” says the monotonous voice at the other end.
    At your wits end,you attempt to contact the neighbors,but its all old dusty dilapidated apartments.
    Desperate,you remember with a sudden flash the security camera in the living hall-the last log was a week ago,the camera’s smashed into bits for now.
    The computer screen displays the past-a lively chatter of your family watching a football match ,but you’re nowhere to be seen.A crash in the upstairs,your wife rushes a ear piercing scream.Someone or Something throws your wife down,her body now limp.
    Your kids shriek in terror and try to revive Mom.But too late.A thump downstairs and the Human-creature pounces on kids.There are tears in your eyes-you can’t believe but have to.
    A last glimpse of the face before the camera gets destroyed.The face is smeared with blood and bits of flesh but its still yours.
    A grumble in your stomach and you look down on your hairy feet with razor like claws on them.”Aah..dinner time-minced human flesh marinated in bile.”

    Hope you like it!
    P.S I’m a teen girl in Pennsylvania,with a passion for dark fiction.

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    1. Hello there, thank you so much for your comment! I really loved this addition to the prompt and that twist at the end was amazing! You definitely have a keen eye for some great pacing. Keep working hard and write often – you’re sure to go far!


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