Conquering the Unconquerable: Three Tips to Quickly Rid of Writer’s Block

Liam J Cross

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Writer’s block, writer’s block, writer’s block…

It’s perhaps the most daunting thing to come across as a writer.

We’ve all been there though, sat before our projects drumming our fingers on the nearest solid surface because we have no clue what we’re going to write next. It’s at this point that we usually begin to question our entire existence and wonder why on earth we even bother at all. Is it really worth it? What’s the point in all this? And then we’ll slump backwards, stare at a wall, and begin sighing as if we’ve just been entered in the I’m-Done-With-Life Olympics.

Writer’s block is terrible. It’s something that I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy. It can be hours, days – heck, even weeks – before we pull ourselves out of the slump. It can turn the best writing session of your life into the most soul-draining day of it, and the brightest, don’t-stop-me-now smiles into smashed keyboards and broken dreams.

So yes, writer’s block is an ungodly beast, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be conquered. It is tough, but just like anything in life, it can be overcome, you just have to understand how it is done and execute based on that.

So if you’re someone who regularly struggles with writer’s block, or even if you just encounter it from time-to-time, here are three great ways to overcome it.

Watch an Episode of Your Favourite TV Show

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Now, although this may sound counterproductive, it can actually work pretty well.

A lot of the time, we suffer from writer’s block because our minds are so clogged up with stress and ideas that they just have no clue what words to spit out next. A great way to combat this is to free your mind of all those internal struggles and avenues, so that it can think freely as it is supposed to do.

Watching TV can be a distraction, but it can also be a great way to distance yourself from reality, even if only for a little while. This distance will create the space that your mind needs, and when your episode is up, your brain will focus on what it has just seen and will take subconscious ideas from that. It sure beats where you were half an hour ago – stuck and unable to write.

Just make sure you are strict and only allow yourself to watch one or two episodes. Binge-watching Netflix is a sure-fire way to never get your book written.

Up and Out

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This may be a huge cliche, but it’s a cliche that has worked on countless occasions for me, so I’m going to give it as advice anyway.

Get up from wherever you are and go outside to take a walk, no matter the weather. Even if it’s pouring down with rain, you need to get outdoors. In fact, the rain would probably do you a world of good.

In our modern-day society, it’s no secret that we as a collective race don’t see enough of the world and all of its wonder. Sitting bundled up indoors for hours on end is a great way to sap every last ounce of creativity from your bones, and will surely end up in you winding up unmotivated.

Get outside and go for a walk. Once you’ve been out, get back to that writing thing you’ve been doing. You’ll feel the results almost instantly.

Pick Up Your Current Read and Read For an Hour

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Much like distracting yourself with TV or the outdoors, reading a great book will re-stimulate your brain and will have it all fired up and ready to go again in no time.

The only difference with this one, is that it is directly useful in terms of writing. Reading a world-renowned book means that you’re reading world-class writing, which means that your brain is being stimulated from the words of some of the world’s greatest writers.

Use their greatness and supreme craft to your advantage and drift away into their world for an hour or two. Then, when you return to reality, it’ll be as though writer’s block never even existed in the first place.

Give These a Try

Now that you have been given some techniques, give them a try and see how they work for you. Some of these may have to be tweaked slightly in order for them to be more effective for you personally, but I find that they work pretty much all of the time.

So give them a try and leave writer’s block behind forever.


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