The Only Way to Truly Overcome Fear

Liam J Cross

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Fear is a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For some it’s that spell of eternal darkness when they turn off their bedroom light, for others it’s taking off in a plane – there are so many fears out there – some understandable, others downright crazy – that it’s impossible to know of them all.

Based on all of that, fear is such a complex issue.

Let’s get this straight though: there is a definitive difference between a true fear and slight nervousness. Fear is much more complex. If you were fearful of receiving an injection, you’d likely kick and scream, faint or run for the hills – maybe even all three, though I’m not quite sure you’d manage in that exact order.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you were simply nervous about receiving an injection, you’d likely just shake a little and proceed to get one anyway. If you were actually fearful, you’d likely never get one.

Something to Consider

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Now that we’ve established the difference between true fear and a slight nervousness of something, it’s time to analyse why succumbing to either is a waste of the already-restricted time we have on this planet.

Where does fear stem from?

It’s quite a strange thing to think about really. Whilst things like phobias tend to be more deeply rooted and complex issues, a simple fear can be caused by much simpler things. Maybe you watched a scary movie to do with the ocean when you were a kid and now you’re afraid of water. Or maybe you are a pessimist and cannot overcome the notion of something terrible happening, irrespective of how unlikely that may be.

Here’s where the mindset element of all this comes into it.

Consider this, if you’re afraid of needles, think about why you’re afraid of them. Now like I said, phobias are an entirely different breed of beast, and this strategy and mindset will be rendered futile when facing them, but still consider it.

Chances are, you don’t actually know why you’re afraid. You don’t know what exactly it is that you’re afraid of. And that’s the catch: fear can only reach as much greatness as our minds allow, and therefore, the only thing we should fear in life is the notion of being afraid in the first place.

If you’re afraid of something, not phobic but simply afraid, there’s so much of life that you’re going to miss out on, and you can easily prevent that from happening. It’s literally as simple as making a mindset switch. In switching to the mindset of fearing nothing but being afraid, you’re automatically qualifying yourself to try more and experience more throughout your life. If you fear nothing but fear, you’ll always give things ago even if you are a little nervous, because the outcome will always be better than backing out because you were too scared.

That’s the secret here, that’s the meaning of all this. To overcome fear, we must recgonise that fear is the only thing worth being fearful of, because fear can lead to failure, and failure is not an option.


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