A Writing Prompt for the Horror Fans

Liam J Cross

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Writing prompts are there to aid writers; they’re there to get them over that initial hurdle of developing an idea from nothing but a blank screen. They’re perfect for those times when you can’t quite make a start, when the words won’t flow; when your fingers essentially refuse to type.

So, because these prompts, and all of the other prompts around the world, are there to help, I hope they have been helpful to at least one person who reads these short articles. If you do use one of these prompts, and write something based on it/because of it, please link me to it or leave a comment to let me know – I’d love to read some of your work!

The Prompt
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It’s dark, you’re home alone, it’s getting late. You see your mother sitting on her bed as you walk by. It seems you aren’t home alone. No biggie. She must’ve just returned home and you didn’t hear her. So you walk on, ignoring the strangeness.

You get halfway down the stairs when you hear her calling on you, only not from upstairs, but from the basement.

Now Go Create
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Image: https://twitter.com/adobecreate

This is essentially a writing prompt that was prompted by a short story I saw on Facebook, so it’s sort of like a double writing prompt. It just goes to show how helpful they are though, because without seeing that short story I wouldn’t have come up with that prompt and this post wouldn’t have happened.

Writing prompts can be anywhere. They can exist at any time and in any format – that’s what makes them such a beautiful thing. Anything that gives power to artists and creators, anything that feeds the buzz of the creative mind, is something worth sharing with the world.

I share these posts in the hopes of inspiring others, that way they can share their words with the world too. That’s the meaning of all this: be inspired and then go inspire others. I’m beginning to think that the world would be such a mechanically beautiful place if everyone on it was a writer…

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2 thoughts on “A Writing Prompt for the Horror Fans

  1. [continuing the prompt]
    There is strange pitch in her voice,you feel slipping yourself into a hypnotic state.Panicked by the double voice,you rush to the basement,but find no one there.You conjecture all of it as a hallucination,resulting from lack of sleep as you burn the midnight oil for school.
    Then,you see something on the wall,faint but there.It says Doppleganger’s gonna Do It.
    Dismissing it as your brother’s prank,you trudge up,craving for the warm bed with the blanket and Mom.
    Suddenly,the lights go out,with nothing to do about it,you lay down on bed and turnover to feel someone breathing on your neck..
    A cold sweat,you jump out of your dream.Mom’s nowhere?You are in a state of panic as you feel you are being watched.The pillow beside you morphs into something,resembling your mother,but not surely her,it then takes form of your crush ,the devilishly cute blue eyed brown hair guy.
    A sweet smile,he says Hi honey,you kiss him passionately on an impulse,thnking all of this to be a vivid dream.Inside his mouth you taste blood,your tongue’s cut by his sharp teeth.
    Slit at your vocal chords,unable to scream,the Pillow Man prepares to devour you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! I really like this, nice and creepy! Thank you for using my prompt and thank you for taking the time to comment with your additional writing, I enjoyed reading it. Please stay tuned For upcoming writing prompts and other helpful content😁


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