Remaining Positive Through Your Micro-Loss

Liam J Cross

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A micro-loss is a term that is often used to describe a loss that is small and insignificant in comparison to another loss; one which may be harder to take. Though if you ask me, it all comes down to perspective and optimism. In the grand scheme of things, the only time you macro-lose is the day you die, up until that moment, everything else could be regarded as micro – it all depends on your mindset.

Some people elect to complain about their loss. They put everything on hold and have a good moan on social media to let everyone know just how tough their life has been. But this is nothing but counterproductive. It’s the cowards’ way out, and the only thing that comes from it is a greater loss.

Think about it logically. If you get yourself all bummed out over your failed business plan or the fact that you fell off your schedule and are a few hours behind, then you’re only missing out on more opportunities to amend those failures. Own those losses, own those failures, and don’t let them stop you from getting on and being productive.

A failure isn’t even the right term here. It’s only ever a failure if you don’t try again; so long as you do try again, it isn’t a failure, but merely a lesson.

Leave Those Opinions Behind
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One of the main reasons we decide to call it quits after suffering a number of smaller losses is down to the opinions of others. These opinions may be from friends and family, they may be from random people on the internet who told us we’d never make it and who gain satisfaction from seeing our micro-losses because they mistake them for losing on a macro scale. But remember, losing on a macro level means death, and we sure aren’t dead yet.

The thing with all of these opinions, no matter who they come from and what those people mean to you, is that they don’t count for shit. If anything, they should spur you on to try again, to push harder and harder with every loss you encounter. Those same people will eventually cheer for you when you win, and it’ll feel so damn great to say I told you so.

So don’t you dare quit through fear of what people think of your losses, instead, rub it right in their faces by coming back and winning so big you’ll forget you ever lost.


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