The Art of True Freedom

Liam J Cross

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Sometimes, on this dreadful, soul-draining planet, I just feel as though the world needs a little motivation; a little pick-me-up to let everyone that sees this post know that it’s all going to be okay, that they are making the right choices and working hard, and that one day it’ll all pay off.

It gets tough sometimes. If you’re anything like me – someone who focusses so much on success that there’s very little time for anything else – then you’ll understand the struggle. It gets hard working twelve to fifteen hours a day for very little money, whilst having those around you remind you that maybe it’s time to give up and get a proper job – ‘a normal job,’ they say. Well do you know what I say? Fuck that, and fuck those people for thinking that.

(Pardon my French, I’m getting a little pumped.)

But it’s true, life is much too short to be normal. Normal is boring. In fact, normal is actually quite scary. Like imagine aspiring to be ‘normal’, to be the same as everyone else; a mere cardboard cutout of today’s society.

Well thanks, but no thanks. That’s not the way I want to live my life. And if you’re struggling with something like this currently, then here’s a little motivational message specifically for you.

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Never let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams; from the things your heart beats for. Not your friends, nor your siblings, or even your parents. It’s your life, not theirs, and you must live it on your terms – irrespective of how that might make them feel.

True freedom lies not in pleasing others, but in learning to stop caring what they think.

So based on that, it’s time to leave opinions and pettiness in the past, and it’s time to create the future of your dreams through living in the present as if every breathing second was your last.

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