Two Little Motivational Reminders to Get You Through Your Want to Quit

Liam J Cross

Related imageLife in our modern day society is so full of pressure, namely due to the unholy amount of  high expectations of us from our friends and family. As soon as we set out on a journey to succeed, and make it known to those dear to us, we’re never left to just do. There is always a constant barrage of questions and queries whenever you see people, and you always have to explain that this week hasn’t been all that good and you didn’t achieve what you wanted. Because of this, there is an enormous pressure placed on our shoulders. A pressure to succeed.

When we add this pressure to our success pursuit, it doesn’t do us any good. A desire to succeed is what we have, adding pressure to that desire only kills it off.

Sometimes, this never-ending cycle can lead you to that mindset of ‘what’s the point?’, and you just feel like throwing in the towel there and then, without giving a damn about what anyone thinks about you. In fact, that might even encourage our want to quit, because we feel like rebelling in an act of defiance towards those who expect so much of us.

But that’s why I’m here; that’s why I’m writing this post. You simply cannot quit. You are not allowed to and you won’t do it. Not for the benefit of others, but for the benefit of yourself; for the benefit of your own goals and dreams, no matter how far away they may seem.

And here are two little quotes, written by me, to help you on your way.

Don’t Fear Failure, Embrace It

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Never be fearful of failure; nor of losing a thousand more times than you’ve ever won. Don’t be afraid of what people have to say about you. Make sure you don’t care what they think – just concern yourself with success; with winning the battle you have begun. The only thing you should ever fear in this journey, is the regret that you’ll inevitably encounter if you never try at all.

The Bigger Picture

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Whenever you feel like slacking, or taking time off, passing things on your list over to tomorrow’s list, think about where you are currently vs where you want to end up when your journey is over. This will prevent you from making the decision to slack off rather than getting your work finished. I’m all for scheduled time off, but slacking is not acceptable. By slacking and being lazy, you’re only cheating your own destiny, and giving up on this opportunity that you are so goddamn blessed to have.

Now take these reminders and run with them. Run all the way to your desk or to the gym or to wherever you get your shit done, and execute; execute until it’s time to sleep, then wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.

I hope these little quotes have helped you as much as they have me. Let’s kick failure’s ass, people!

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