The Keys to Success #18: You Do Have Time

Liam J Cross

Image result for time quotesWhatever it is you choose to do in your life, please, I implore you, just don’t be that guy or that girl, the one who is always complaining about how they don’t have time to do the thing they love, or even attempt it. Because not only are those people the world’s biggest liars, they’re also the same people who are sat on the weekend binge-watching Netflix and going out for drinks because they ‘deserve it’. But you know the best part? They still sit and complain about their life, saying they want to have a go at starting this t-shirt business or opening up the ice cream parlor they’ve been wanting to since they were twenty or starting their website designing service, but then follow it up with “But I just don’t have time.” BULLSHIT. That’s what that is. A big hot pile of steaming bullshit. Because if you don’t have time to go after your dreams and chase the thing you love and want to do, then how can you possibly have time to sit on the weekend and watch Prison Break on Netflix and then go out the next day for drinks and a catch-up with your friends? I thought you didn’t have time?

That’s the truth of it. You do have time, you just don’t want to spend that time on putting in the work because it might damage your relationships and social life. Well if those things scare you, stop wishing for more than you already have. Keep with your complacency and don’t complain about it, because it is you who is keeping yourself there. Not the stress of your nine till five, not your work-life balance, not the demands of your parents or friends, not society – but you. You are the only person held accountable for your failures.And the sooner you realise that, the sooner you can make a start on working towards your goals. Greatness requires sacrifice, and in realising this, we become one step closer to achieving it.


Image result for gary vee








Yes I know… ‘Oh here he goes, blabbing about Gary Vee again…’

But the truth is, the guy tells it how it is, and I love him for that. Straight-talking, no BS, no sugar-coating shit, no blowing smoke up people’s asses. Just straight truths and harsh facts, capable of shutting anyone’s whiny-ass mouth.

The whole eighteen hours theory came from a short video I saw on his Instagram, in which he basically says you can live off six hours of sleep, which gives us eighteen hours of the day left to play with. And he basically asks you what you are doing with your eighteen hours.

You can work your nine till five, we’ll call that nine because of preparation purposes, then say you travel two hours a day, that’s now eleven, then say you want to spend some time with your kids and want to be a family man, there’s another two. That brings us to thirteen hours, which means you have five hours remaining. What are you doing with those other five? Gary then goes on to say “You’re watching fucking House of Cards!” – which is one of his many catchphrases.

But the message is there. What are you doing with your five hours? People will chill and watch TV or play video games or go out for drinks, using these five hours for leisure activities or to ‘relax and have fun’. But those are the same people who will tell you they don’t have time, yet they’re wasting five hours of their time on not chasing their goals and proceeding to complain about it.

Either accept what you have, enjoy your leisure time and don’t complain about life or want more out of it. Or get out there and do something about it. The power is in your hands.

How are you going to spend your five hours?





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