The Keys to Success #14: Progression, Progression, Progression!




UmlGUG9KOFVQUjBaQ2lTc0xhcFdhUT09LS1RemUvUS9vWmFWU2dTUkZZWXpncUZnPT0=--27d7ee82e253b976ac135e52bd90f885262ab301“The only time you should ever look back in life is to see how far you’ve come, but never stand still whilst doing so.” – Liam J Cross.

We’re back again for another Keys to Success post and this time around, I’m going to discuss the art of progression and just how important it is to your future success. I hope that everyone is enjoying this series and is as motivated from reading it as I get from writing it! I mean seriously, once I finish writing one of these posts, I am just spurred on to get on with even more work and get even more done. I am motivated to work even harder and I hope that you experience the same when reading!

It’s A Mindset

Progression is imperative. It is the very thing that keeps us sane on our success-chasing endeavours. Without it, we simply feel as though we’re spinning our wheels and getting absolutely nowhere, which can lead to much worse. Things like giving up or slacking, and neither of those ever lead to anything good.

Fact of the matter is, if you want to progress, you have to do what is necessary in order to progress. Make progression a mindset. Wake up each day with a roaring inferno in your stomach which spurs you forth to greatness. Tell yourself what you are going to get done, what you are going to achieve and what the day will hold – make a list if you have to and don’t you dare fucking stop until that list is complete!

Progress doesn’t come from simply sitting around doing nothing, that goes without saying. So you’ve got to make sure that you’re putting in the work. The majority of your time spent awake should be spent chasing success and progression, without that sort of dedication, you’re only slowing down the journey for yourself. And that’s all good and well if you’re willing to wait, but I’m not. I want it all and I want it now. And I won’t stop until I get there.

With Progression, Comes More Progression

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It may seem obvious, that progression contributes to further success, but exactly how can it do so? Of course the more you progress and the better you’re becoming, the more successful you are becoming too. But I’m talking specifics and here they are, the specific reasons as to why constant progression is one of the most imperative things to focus on when you’re on the path to success:

  • Progress means progress – It’s almost contagious, continues, constant progression only leads towards more progress. The more we accomplish and the higher up that ladder we climb, the more we crave further progress and success. We are spurred on by our own progression. So not only are we progressing, but we are also motivated beyond belief to progress even further, which means more and more success. It is an endless cycle of tremendous success!
  • It keeps us sane – As I said before, there is nothing worse than feeling as though you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. And it can often lead to giving up and throwing in the towel for good. Even the most dedicated, motivated people have their limits and when progress just isn’t happening, then nine times out of ten people are going to call it quits. But seeing progression keeps us on the right path and as I said above, makes us hungry for even more.
  • More reputable – If like me, your journey towards success involves growing a business, then chances are the more you progress, the more reputable your business will be, the more it will grow and you’re likely to attract more business in general. When I do work for clients, gather reviews and develop new working relationships with challenging contracts and stories, I am progressing. But at the same time, I am growing my business because I am getting more practice in my field, more of a positive reputation and a larger clientele – from which feedback can help me to attract even more.

And those are just few of the ways behind constant progression being a good thing!

So make sure that in whatever you’re doing, whatever your form of success is, that you are making progression a key focus and putting everything into achieving constant progression. Never stay static, never stand still and overlook – always move forward no matter how hard it may seem or how difficult it gets. You can and will overcome it, you can and will be successful, you just have to do everything in your power to get you there!

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