Micro-Poetry #37






Hello all!

I fear that this series is becoming a little stale now as it doesn’t seem to get much response, so please help me out. I want to create content that not only I enjoy producing but that you enjoy reading too. So please, if you enjoy my poetry and wish to see more of the micro-poetry series, then please leave a like on this post. And feel free to comment too:-)

Poetry of thy mind,

Escape for thy brethren

For thee –

Guarding all that is sacred

Discarding all that brings pain.

You are the blood in my veins,

The thoughts in my mind;

Breath in my lungs –

My darling,

You bring me life.

Never feel as though life is futile,

For to someone

You are a source of living poetry.

In your arms I feel heat,

In your arms I feel cold,



In your arms I feel alive.

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