The Keys to Success #13: Resilience Among Sheep


It may be an overused, generic expression, but the whole be a lion as opposed to a sheep metaphor holds on wholly powerful message.

If it’s success that you’re after, then you must avoid being or becoming a sheep. Don’t have sheep as your friends, don’t let their sheepish views influence you, fuck it, don’t even remotely associate with them. They are poisonous to anyone who is looking for and striving towards success. Don’t let them drag you down to their level to become prey. In this life it’s either kill or be killed, sometimes literally, most of the time metaphorically, but it is still very much applicable.

An Alternate Name For Them

Image result for sheep


That is essentially what a sheep is. They are either lazy or scared and you shall be neither. They’re too lazy to chase success and can’t face the thought of failure, they fear it, rather than embracing it as one should. They are fearful. They are afraid that they won’t fit in with the rest of the herd, which if they chase success, chances are they won’t. But what they will fit into is a pride, a hungry, blood-lusting, vicious pride of lions.

In the case of this metaphor, lions are other people like you and I. They are people with dreams and goals and they aren’t afraid to step foot beyond societies values in order to achieve these goals. Whereas the sheep of the world value what other people think of them more than they value chasing down what they truly want. It’s sad really, caring more about what other’s think than about your own success. Sad but true.

Take my generation for example… Even my own friends tell me that I’m being boring and that I’ll ‘regret not living when I’m older’ and other generic bullshit that other wasters use to justify their weekend drink and drug habits. But what they don’t realise, is that I much prefer spending my time in the gym, or at my laptop writing or working on some poetry out in the wilderness. I value those things more than anything else and it just so happens that those things will lead to my eventual and inevitable success. Besides, when it comes to down time, I prefer to spend mine reading a book or playing on my Xbox or watching films, rather than going out.

With my friends saying things like that, they often ask me what other people think of me. People who know who I am but don’t know me if you get what I mean. Mutual friends etc. And my response is simple: I couldn’t give a single fuck. Because I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. It’s quite frankly not my business. And I especially don’t care if a sheep thinks badly of me, because when I look back at these years when I’m older, sitting on my mountain of success, I’ll know that I’m here because I put in the work. Whereas when they look back on these years, whilst they’re sitting at their fucking life-draining 9-5 jobs, they won’t be able to say the same, will they? But it’s alright I guess… At least they’ll be able to say that they ‘enjoyed themselves’. Well look how that enjoyment turned out, well done. I hope it was worthwhile.

I may have strayed a little wayward there, but the message is simple: don’t be a sheep. Don’t be afraid to chase your own success and don’t you dare stop for a single second and become concerned with what other people think of you. The minute you learn to fuck what people think is a true turning point in your life. And once you learn how to not give a fuck, it is then that you can truly start living the life that you choose to live – as a lion, not as a sheep.


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