The Keys to Success #12: Stand By Yourself


If there’s one thing that I truly believe in life, one value that I hold above all, it’s standing by what you believe in. Even if you’re the only person who holds that belief in a sea of many who wholeheartedly disagree – don’t let the waves overwhelm you. Simply stand tall, hold your head high and argue your point. One of two things will happen: either they’ll give in and see your side of it, and you’ll have successfully transformed them. Or they simply can’t see or won’t accept your opinion, in which case it’s best to just agree to disagree. That is a lot easier for everyone involved.

Carrying This Skill Into The Field Of Success

I actually would class the ability to stand by what you believe in as a skill. Especially if you don’t back down in a room full of ten people with an opposing opinion. And if there’s one walk in life that this tool can become highly effective in, it’s the walk along the road to success.

Because on this road, you can bet your sorry ass that there is going to be lots of conflict. There will be people, and many of them, who simply won’t agree with you. You just have to learn that that’s okay, that you can overcome it and that there are ways around it – whether that be conversion or agreeing to disagree, as I mentioned before.

No matter what that path to success is, the disagree(ers) will be there in abundance. It is applicable to writing, in the sense that, you may have some work published that people think is bad or they think it could be improved. But if you are truly happy with the quality of that work and feel as though it is up to your highest standard, then who are they to say otherwise. Alternatively, some folk out there might read my posts and think that I’m talking a load of utter bullshit. But then again, that is fine too. Clearly they just don’t agree with me and have differing views and hey, I can live with that. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight for what I believe in.

So there you have it, short and sweet – just the way I like it. Take this as an incentive to stand up for what you believe in. And start now!


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