The Keys to Success #11: Creativity in the Field


Get creative!

These are two words that can have quite a lot of meaning. They can be somewhat ambiguous, they can cause confusion or you might just read them and think: YES! And just get the exact message that you need to receive.

In this context though, I am telling you to get creative in terms of being successful or becoming a success. And I don’t just mean financially or in business terms, I mean in every avenue in life!

Applying Creativity to Financial Success

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In terms of financial success, imagination and creativity play a huge role in seeking such brilliance. Let’s think starting a business. A business in which you are going to scheme, develop and then launch a product out into its respective market or niche. No matter what that product is, who it is appealing to or what its uses are, there is one thing that is applicable to all: your product must have something about it which sets it aside from the rest. Something which makes potential customers opt for your product or service over the many similar others.

This is where the creativity comes into play. You’re going to have to come up with something which makes your product more appealing, especially if there are other products out there which do similar things. For example, say you are going to start a supplement company and you plan on launching a whey protein powder, what are you going to do which makes consumers choose your product over the hundreds of others which are already out there? You have to get creative with it.

Maybe it’s a good, catchy slogan or some quality ingredients. Maybe you claim that your protein is the best tasting protein out there and actually live up to that claim. Maybe you take pride in the fact that every tub, in every batch is thoroughly checked to maintain quality throughout and it is also FDA approved. Those are just some examples. Other good things to do would be to try and get some big names in the industry behind your brand. Athletes who have a large following and excellent physiques, those things will really set your product aside from the rest.

The same goes with any product of any description. All the way from badges, fridge magnets and key rings, right through to remote controlled cars and bicycles – you have to set yours apart. Even in terms of my own business – a ghostwriting and editing service – I’m always looking for ways in which I can make my service more appealing than the next persons. Though I suppose the only way to achieve that in a service like mine is to do lots of work, for lots of people and maintain a high quality throughout. Then once the good reviews pile in and your name starts getting out there you’re pretty much set. If only it were that easy…

The ultimate sort of creativity in this respect would be to come up with a product or service that is extremely unique, sometimes so much so that it has never been done before. If you can manage to invent a product that people would buy into, something that has never been done before, then chances are you’re going to be a billionaire who spends their days sat on a yacht smoking cigars. But I still believe in you!!!

Creativity in Other Fields

Creativity is a valuable tool in every aspect of life, not just in financial success. It’s all about creating something that you can call your own and being proud of that creation and hoping that it will inspire others. For me, that is a massive part of life – being creative and inspiring people around you to be so too. Of course, as a writer, my everyday is filled with an abundance of creativity and I think that sometimes it is the only thing in life that keeps me sane. No matter how dark or cruel the outside world gets, I can always venture into my own and paint it more beautifully. With words of course, I’m shit at art…

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt thus far in my relatively short time on this earth, it’s that life is never far from creativity. It is all around us! The very screen that you’re reading this on is a product of creativity. Without it, there is nothing. Think about it! Whoever said love makes the world go round is entirely wrong. Creativity, is in fact the thing that makes the world go round. You heard it here first!

And being creative and making the world go round, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!


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