The Keys to Success #10: Believe and Achieve


I’m sure that you’re all wholly familiar with this expression. It is widely used by motivational speakers and gurus far and nigh, and although it is rather generic and lacking uniqueness – there is an element of truth to the perhaps overused expression.

The main message behind it is all to do with self-belief. That is what it is guessing across. Once you believe in yourself and your abilities and believe that your dreams and goals are achievable, then they will become achievable. Essentially, once you believe in yourself, you have taken that vital first step on the pathway to success. Confidence and self-belief are crucial when chasing success. When you believe in yourself and truly believe that you can become successful, then your drive is portrayed in whatever it is you do and then the success will start to come.

It’s not one to be rushed.

Success comes at the least expected times. Whenever I’ve had some form of success in life it has always seemed to come when I wasn’t expecting it. Though having said that, I kind of was expecting it. Make sense? No? I thought as much… Seriously though, have you ever been in a position where success has suddenly just jumped out of nowhere and into your life? Of course, it’s not a case of one million pounds just dropping out of the sky and into your eagerly waiting lap, that’s not what I mean. It has to be something relevant, something that you’ve been working towards and chasing. Believing in. And once all of that starts to take shape and have an impact on your work ethic and drive, the thing that you have been working towards suddenly becomes an achievement, and from there, you gain a little more self-belief and then it’s on to the next!

Success is no accident. It comes when you have a plan in place and when you firmly believe in that plan. I’m not sat here worrying about my future goals and whether or not they will ever come true. You know why? Because I have a plan in place and I believe in that plan and my ability to make it happen. I know that I will be successful because everything that I do is geared towards success in one way or another. It doesn’t just come to me by chance, what success I’ve had so far has come to me purely because I gave it my all and believed that my all was enough. Combine that sort of self-belief with an effective plan and there are no two ways around it: I will be successful and no one can do anything to stop that!

The Message:

The message here is simple, but also very important: you must believe in yourself in every aspect. In your ability to lay out a plan and just as much in your ability to make it happen and carry out each step in that plan with 100% confidence and dedication. Once you master this, and are confident that everything is in place to set you up for success and you wholeheartedly believe that, then trust me, the success will come – you just have to keep working hard and believing in yourself. With than combination, the sky really is the limit.








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