Micro-Poetry #29


Hello beautiful reader! – yes, I’m talking to you.

Today I’m going to try something a little different with these micro-poems, I’m going to make them very micro, like a three or four lines max, and see how that works out. The beautiful thing about micro-poetry for me, is having the ability to say so much through so little. So in today’s post, I’m going to be trying to create a deep and meaningful message, through a maximum of three or four lines. Wish me luck!

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Now, let’s get into these poems:


The starry sky above my being,

The glistening magic my eyes are seeing –

Pose as a distraction from all of this,

From the shadowy lands and corrupt bliss.



Every breathing of your heart,

Whisper of your soul;

Comforting me during this hour of light,

Burdening me when nothing is bright.



How many times must I say it?

The dark is much less scary

When I have your hand to hold.



A season of turmoil crosses the path,

Threatening my sanity,

Though what it does not know

Is that my sanity fled many moons ago.



I look out over the calm tide,

Taking note of how the waves kiss the shore then venture back once more

And I can’t help but think that I am the shore and you are the waves.

Then I miss you all over again.



I plummet towards the earth at immeasurable speeds,

Though only in my dreams, or rather, nightmares –

But as I raise my head from the pillow, my brow coated in sweat;

I realise that the free-fall has only just begun.



Someone who doesn’t understand how someone

Can make you feel empty and whole at the same time,

Is someone who has never truly tasted love.

Or at least not yours anyway.+


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