The Keys to Success #9: Nobody’s Going To Do the Work for You


The road towards success is one with many twists and turns. It is the longest, most twisty road in existence, with an enormous amount of obstacles which fall across it very frequently. Because of this fact, many people who set out on the journey and attempt to take on and conquer the road to success, more often than not give up before reaching the end of it. Before coming to their intended destination. Most don’t even come close. They fall victim to this long and lonely road and subsequently, fall back into the cesspool that is known as mediocrity.

People just don’t seem to want it as much these days. I find more often than not that it’s not even a case of not being willing to work for it, it’s more of a case of just not wanting it all together. Especially in the generation that I’m from (I’m nineteen), these days people are more concerned with partying and following the latest trends than they are success. They want to fit in, they want to blend it – be accepted. Well fuck that. That’s not the path I want to walk. Blending in is the very last thing that I want to do. I want to stand out – like a fucking sore motherfucking thumb! Nothing makes me feel sicker than the thought of blending in. The thought of being just like everyone else. Another member of the pool of mediocrity.

My generation just don’t want it. It all stems from not being willing to put in work. Then from that, it seems as if they’ve just thought ‘what’s the point’ and stopped wanting to achieve in the first place. I think they’re genuinely happy with living for the weekend and wasting away their days simply trying to blend in. Or at least they think they are. That’s another one: living for the weekend. Why choose to be happy for just 104 days (give or take) a year? Why dread the remaining days? Why not wake up every morning with a fire in the pit of your stomach and the desire to make this day absolutely awesome, crushing your goals and getting your shit done? That’s what I remind myself of every single morning and that – coupled with my morning coffee – really is the best way to start each and every day!

Just stop being lazy. Stop thinking that you’re entitled to shit and simply just WORK. It’s as simple as that. It really, really is. ‘Oh but I can’t afford university and you need a degree to get a good job.’ – I can already hear the moaning. Well, let me put it bluntly: you don’t need a fucking degree to get a good job. But let’s say your specific ‘good job’ required a degree but you ‘can’t afford it’ – the answer is simple. Just work a minimum wage job, or maybe even two and save up enough money to pay for your education. You have to want it enough to actually get up, get out there and get it fucking done! And you have to be willing to WORK!

Now that’s enough of that, I’m getting myself all fired up! Get me to the fucking gym!!!

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