The Keys to Success #8: Have and Maintain a Game-Plan


For me, it’s not use simply wanting to be successful. Everyone wants to be successful in some way, shape or form – and wanting success isn’t exactly hard in itself. Now there is a difference between wanting success and wanting success. Confused? Don’t worry, I shall repeat that sentence, symbolising the difference through capitalisation:

Now there is a difference between wanting success and WANTING success.

See it now? Everyone ants success, but only a handful want it enough to actually go about pursuing it. Enough to spend day after day sacrificing over and over again in order to finally achieve it and reap the rewards. And if you want to be one of those people, I believe that a plan is absolutely essential.



Set Goals and Crush the Shit Out of Them!

This is a thing that I’ve only just recently found out to be important. Goal-setting is one of the most imperative things that I believe you must do when chasing success. They’re a way of reminding yourself of not only where you want to be and end up, but also of where you currently are. What stage of the journey you’re currently at. Now these goals don’t have to be ridiculous and vague. For example, if I wanted to make ten million pounds, my list wouldn’t look like this:


-Make ten million

Because that would be plain and simply stupid. I believe in setting short-term, long-term and overall goals. Going off of this system, making ten million would be your overall goal, the end aim, the outcome if you will. The ST and LT goals (which will be abbreviated as such because they’re  a pain in the ass to type) will be the things which lead you towards that overall goal of making ten million.

ST goals can mean that they have to be achieved anywhere between something as short as a week and something as far away as six months – because in the grand scheme of things, that’s still pretty ST.

LT are six months and after to me, and can take you as long as forever to achieve – heck, some of them you mightn’t even achieve at all. But if your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough. You may never reach that overall goal of ten million.

I might even include ST goals as short as to be achieved by the end of the day. I like to call these ‘daily goals’ and they should be things that you set out to achieve before the end of the day. These goals are there to simply keep you on the right track and make sure that you don’t start slacking on those ST goals, which will have a knock-on effect.

The overall goal will be the hardest one to achieve and in most cases, if you tell it to someone and they don’t laugh at you and tell you something along the lines of ‘don’t be ridiculous’ or ‘come on down out of your dreamland up there and join us back in the real world’ – then chances are your overall goal isn’t big enough. But never let failure to achieve it discourage you. If you failed to make ten million, but made four million along the way… I’d certainly not turn my nose up at that!

An Example:

So, based on this sort of system, the daily goals should be things which lead to achieving the ST goals, the ST goals lead onto achieving the LT goals and then, yes you guessed it, the LT goals lead onto achieving the overall goal.

Personally, my overall goal, is to become an established published writer and based on that, my plan may look a little something like this:

Daily goals:

-Blog post (Keys to Success)

-Instagram posts

-Begin rewrite of my novel

-Write some poetry

-Blog post (Micro-Poetry)

ST goals:

-Reach 2,000 followers on Instagram

-Continue to grow the viewers of my blog by 100 a month

-Submit to 10 agents

-Submit to ten publishers

-Advertise for my upcoming film

LT goals:

-Have my poetry collection published

-Expand my ghost-writing end editing business to the point where it is my only job

-Secure an agent

-Publish my novels

And you already know what the overall goal is.

Do you see how it works? Each type of goal has an impact on and gets me that little bit closer to achieving the larger goals. And that is how it can work for success in anything else in life – be it a sport, a business, a talent or just financially in general. I believe that this is an effective system for any sort of success and I shall continue to employ it because it has certainly helped me thus far. And I hope that if you were to give it a go, that it would also help you too!

I hope that this post has been interesting and informative and I hope that it has given you a fresh outlook on goal-setting and has inspired you to try out my system. It sounds logical and it has a sound structure, now all there’s left to do is to get back to work and make the shit happen. Remember: nothing works unless you do!

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