Micro-Poetry #25


Hello again!

Looks like I got some positive feedback on my last one of these – thank you for the support!

In that case, I shall carry the series on. If you guys are enjoying it and I am too, then I suppose it is a win for all involved.

Please make sure to check out the rest of my blog as there are some examples of my other sorts of work in there and also some motivational articles that might just help you get over the current road blockages that you may be facing.

Hope that everyone has a pleasant day and without further ado, let’s get into these poems:


Blinded at the peripheral,

Vision cracked and broken at the sides;

Only finding time to focus

As the clock ticks seconds away:

On the lone desires at the forefront.



How has it come to this?

The skies of blueness littered with grey clouds…

The fields of green reduced to yellow…

The glorious songs reflecting doomsday’s bells…

The calm tide now a roaring inferno;

The fragments of my life washed away in its wrath.


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