The Keys to Success #7: Don’t Let Life Get in the Way


Busy, busy; busy!

That’s how life can be sometimes. Well, more like: that’s how life can be most of the time. Actually, that’s how life is eternally… There’s never a dull moment. Almost never any time to do anything – or so it seems. Working full time distracts you from your own personal time or time to relax. But then you feel as though you have to go and catch up with your friends or you fear that you’ll become excluded. And before you know it, it’s 11pm and your lying in bed staring intensely at your ceiling, wondering where on earth the day has gone.

It can become quite entrapping when you think about it, feeling obliged to meet up with friends or family as opposed to spending time working on self-betterment in relation to your goals and aspirations. Of course, there’s always time for a bit of fun and chill-out time and there’s always time for socialising. But I feel as though the majority of people fear the consequences of sacrifice far too much.

I mean, the majority of people think that their thirty hours a week is enough work and that it is enough to get them by. And granted, in most cases, it is – that is, if you wish to live a mediocre life… Unless you’re making a fortune in those thirty hours and enjoying it all at the same time (which are both highly unlikely) then you need to do more. In order to become successful, in order to achieve, you have to give up on social time and leisure time. You have to sacrifice. It’s imperative and there are no two ways around it. Without sacrifice success is merely an illusion in the distance. It is never something which you will truly find if you are unable to give up on things like social events and going to the bar every other night.

Think of it this way: if you lose your friends because you only see them once every month or so due to your schedule and hard work, were they really even your friends to begin with? That doesn’t sound much like any friend that I’d like to have. Friends should stick by you regardless, irrespective of how little you see them. They’ll understand that you’re busy working towards being successful and that you have to sacrifice and they’ll support you all the way.

Chances are, if they fail to accept that, they were never really your friend to begin with. Either that, or they can’t grasp the concept of sacrifice and instead feel as though socialising is more important than success. Some people just aren’t wired to be successful. And that’s fine. Hold onto the memories, but cut out the person. It’s clear at this stage that they are on a totally different path to you. Maybe you were once on the same path, but the fork in the road took you down different routes. Wish them well, but move on. You’re heading towards success with or without them.

Emotions are another part of life that can hinder or even halt progress all together. Some days you wake up maybe feeling a little under the weather (especially if like me, you are in England and wake up underneath a grey sky most mornings) and you just want to lounge around in bed and neglect your duties. On days like this, you must detach yourself from your emotions and feelings and get the fuck on with it. There are no excuses. Success isn’t sat there feeling sorry for you. So there is no time to feel sorry for yourself either. Get up, get out of bed and get it fucking done. Trust me, you’ll feel much better distracting yourself with work than you will lying around in self-pity and moping your way through your day like a little bitch.

Don’t get me wrong people, socialising and a bit of relaxation time is always good and quite often a vital ingredient in the recipe of success. But just like flour in a cake recipe: only when it is in the right amounts. I like to base it on a five to one ratio – five hours of working, one hour of leisure. And more often than not, my leisure involves reading or going for a nice walk down the woods or at the beach. If you feel as though you need more, dedicate a whole day to no work (Sundays are mine, but I always end up working anyway) and then you can watch TV guilt-free.

I hope that everyone has a productive and success-filled day! I know that I am going to.

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