Micro-Poetry #24


Hello everyone!

I hope that you’re enjoying this series as much as I am enjoying writing them. Micro-poems are so easy for me. I’ve come up with these three in a matter of minutes. They’re almost a way to vent freely without caring about structure or rhyming scheme or any of that boring stuff… I just write down the first thing that floats its way into my mind. To be honest though, that is how I write all of my poetry, I just tend to edit the longer stuff whereas with this I don’t.

I hope everyone has a productive day.

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As always, all feedback is appreciated and welcomed!




Bleed for the fortunes,

For the mishaps,

For the very things that make your heart beat.

That make your soul cry out and echo.

That make you whole.

For the very things that bring you life:




The heart and soul are intertwined –

An entity of togetherness you see?

For with the two you’ll surely find

Your truths and you’ll do so effortlessly.



The final beat of the dying heart,

Whispering; calling out –

Telling tales of the life that has passed it by,

Skipping by the financial hellishness or success,

The materialistic, the inanimate, the meaningless;

Though instead focussing on the other hearts and souls

That have left their imprint in its blood.



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