The Keys to Success #6: Stop Caring How You’re Seen Through Eyes That Aren’t Yours


What other people think of you is none of your business!

You heard me right. Why do you care though? Like seriously? Why does someone else’s opinion matter so much to you? Fact of the matter is: it shouldn’t. This is your life and when you think about it relatively, in the grand scheme of things we don’t have much time to live it. So my advice to you today is: stop wasting your precious time on worrying about other people, be it their opinions or their lives and start focusing more on yourself.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life and everything that comes with it, and in my reflective thoughts, out came my far more, shall we say, philosophical side… It was spawned during a late-night car-journey conversation with my best friend. One of those conversations in which you discuss anything and everything. They’re the best type in my opinion. But yeah, we were talking about life and we ended up coming to a profound and slightly pessimistic (yet oh so true) conclusion. I have a feeling Freddie Mercury also had the same epiphany, which was made obvious in the absolute masterpiece that is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and that epiphany is that nothing really matters…

It’s true though really. When it all comes down to it, when all is said and done, when our hearts have spoken their final words and produced their final beat, what do we have left? Nothing. That’s the answer. Absolutely nothing. Because we’re all on the same path, all destined to the same fate – death. There is no other way to look at it. No matter who you are and where you’re from, what decisions you make or whether you choose to do right or wrong – in the end, everyone is going to die. So ask yourself this: am I really going to sit here and let what other people think have this much of an impact on my life and what little time I have on this planet. Even though, in reality, nothing really matters, but I can think of a lot of things worth getting upset about outside of worrying what other people think of you.

So on this long and winding road that is the path to success, you have to do many things. And I believe a crucial step along the path is the one in which you learn to let go and stop caring what other people think. Do you think that those who are successful sat back and bitched and moaned when people made fun of them for being different? Do you think Eminem is looking back on his childhood now thinking ‘Damn, I wish that I had listened to that kid in 10th grade when he told me to stop being a weirdo who writes raps’? Do you think that JK Rowling is sat at home wishing that she had given up after her endless list of rejections that she received with the Potter series? Do you think that Stephen Hawking wishes that he had listened to the medical ‘experts’ and just killed himself when he outlived his two year life expectancy?

You get my point.

Just stop caring about what other people think. The day you learn to live your life as the person you truly are, is the day that you can reach your full potential. The day you become truly free. And also the day in which you can enjoy some:

Happy writing!




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