Writing Tips/Insights #5: Writers Unite!


There’s nothing worse than feeling alone. I’m telling you this from experience. There’s nothing worse than feeling as if there’s no one to turn to, as if there’s no one there. As if they never were, as if they never will be. Being stuck in a room full of people, a place so packed with other souls that you can barely move and yet still feeling as though you’re totally alone. Isolated. As if you’re screaming at the top of your lungs but no one even hears a peep. That is the worst sort of feeling. And the very same feeling can be felt in the world of writing.

Whilst pursuing your greatness, whilst chasing it down and working towards it hungrily, sometimes it can just become too much. There are some days, every now and then, that make you feel like closing your laptop, turning off your computer; putting down your pen – days that make you question yourself. Is it actually worth all of this time and effort? Will I get anywhere? Will anyone other than me and my grandma ever actually fucking read this?

Those days are the worst. They make you feel as if you’re writing is worthless. As if it sucks. Badly. They make you wonder if you should in fact give up. Make you feel as though your dreams will never become a reality. Those are the days in which your loneliness in the big, wide world of writing becomes all too apparent. You feel as though you’ve been dumped out of an aircraft into the middle of the Pacific Ocean and then left there to float aimlessly. Forever.

And it is those types of days that also make you appreciate being part of a writing group or forum, or having friends who also write seriously. Simple things such as having another talented writer crediting your works can turn the darkest of days into the brightest of sunrises. When someone who you don’t really know well (someone who you know won’t just say that your work is good because they don’t want to hurt your feelings) tells you that the work you thought was rubbish is in fact actually really good and unique, it makes you feel so good about yourself.

That is what this post is all about: I’m advising you to get yourself out there and find other writers (things like Instagram and Twitter are as good a way as any), exchange works with them and give each other good, honest, constructive criticism and feedback. It’s great to have a helping hand every now and then when you reach a blockage point in your story and don’t quite know where to take it or when you think your poetry is worthless, only to be told that it is beautiful and inspiring. Trust me, things like that are things that even the strongest and most talented people need to hear every now and then. I think it is human nature to put ourselves down. But we must unite as writers and come together to help the next man out. After all, we are all in this together when it comes down to it.

And being all in it together, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!

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