The Keys to Success #5: Be Motivated by Success Itself


Being successful takes way more than just wanting to be successful. Wanting to be successful is simply a notion. A concept. Some people want it, but never do anything about it. Others want it so bad that they will stop at nothing to achieve it. Some people are satisfied by simple things. By mediocrity. Well, you know what I have to say about mediocrity?

FUCK mediocrity!

That’s what.

Motivation levels are important in becoming successful. Those who are successful typically have higher motivation levels than those who aren’t. Those who aren’t tend to be motivated on and off, some days they strive for greatness, some days they strive to be couch potatoes (there’s no shame in being a couch potato on some days, a little rest does us all well from time to time – but that’s a whole new subject) and spend days on end doing absolutely nothing.

Which I believe is the reason that they aren’t successful. The reasons why after so many years, they’re still WANTING to be successful, but they aren’t actually DOING it. They’re dreaming about it, but they aren’t doing anything to make that dream into a reality. Meaning that with each passing minute, they are falling further and further away from success, getting closer to the deep and dark crevice known as mediocrity.

So when it comes to being motivated, make sure that you are motivated, and more importantly: that you stay motivated. That’s the most crucial part. The part that separates you from that growing, whirling cesspool of average.

A way to stay motivated, is to draw your motivation from within. Try not to rely on external sources. A little video every now and then is okay but the majority of your motivation, of your burning desire to succeed, must come from within. Be motivated by success, by wanting to be successful. And once you realise that you really do desire to be successful and realise that you can and will be, it is at that exact moment that your true journey begins.

And along said journey, make sure to include some:


Happy writing!

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