Writing Tips/Insights #4: Write Everyday, Regardless of Motivation


Here are a few quotes that I have written in regards to this subject:

“A writer is not defined by his abilities when doing so. He is defined by his ability to do so consistently.”

“Don’t rely on inspiration. Write every single day. Make writing a habit – so that when inspiration dwindles, progress does not.”

“One does not become a professional by neglecting their duties. Your duty, as a writer, is to write. So do it. Everyday. Set aside a little time each day to allow your greatness to spill out onto the page. Only then will you truly become a writer.

And you can find many more out there on the internet on other blogs, social media pages and writing forums. They’re all written differently, in different styles and tones, but they all essentially mean the same thing – and such is the beauty of all of this. The beauty of writing. The reason that I am so passionate about it.

They all refer to making writing a priority. Making it a habit. I personally aim to try and set aside three hours a day at least which I devote to my writing. Now that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and bore yourself to death with the same project that you’ve been working on for the past four months. It just means write! In whichever way, shape or form you choose to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel, a short-story, a poem, a play, a diary entry, a blog post, a Facebook status upload, a tweet, an article, a review; heck even a fucking metaphor on a napkin in a restaurant. The important part, the intangible detail, is that you write. That’s all that matters. Each day you just have to write.

It’s like riding a bike. You don’t just hop on and start riding down the street with no stabilisers, no hands or feet and then start cranking out 360 bar spins, do you? No. First you have to start – granted, a little wobbly – and then you fall. But the key thing is that you wake up the next day, hop back on and try again. Then you fall again. then you hop back on and go again. And so on and so forth. Then before you even know it, you will be able to ride with no hands and no feet. You will be able to do 360 bar spins. It’s just like anything – it’s progressive. The more you do it. The more hours you put into it. The better you become. So why would you expect it to be any different with writing?

You shouldn’t. Because it isn’t.

So write. Everyday. And let your creations prosper in ways that you could never even imagine. And once they do, that means that you will be having way more:

Happy writing!


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