The Keys to Success #4: Take the Hardest, Most Uneven Road


I believe that there are two types of people on this earth: those who do things the easy way. And those that do things properly. There is no in between.

It’s sad but true that in this day and age people just expect, expect and expect some more. People feel like they just deserve everything, deserve it without having to put in the work. They feel so entitled. As if the world itself is an old friend that owes them a favour or two. Or a thousand – as they see it in their brainwashed heads.

Fact of the matter is, there is no such thing as entitled, at least not as far as success is concerned anyway. Success doesn’t care if you were bullied at school, or if you are depressed, suffer from anxiety, if your parents were raging alcoholics, if your mom was a literal whore, your dad was a woman-beater or if you were abandoned as an infant and subsequently became an orphan. It doesn’t care about any of that stuff. And that is certainly saying something, because, if ever there was anyone who was entitled, it would be the people that fall under those sorts of brackets who would reap that entitlement.

But fuck, these days you have people thinking that because they did a nine till five shift at work five days a week that they deserve something more. Well let me tell you: it doesn’t work like that. If you want to spend the rest of your life complaining about the shitty pay of your nine till five, then keep working your nine till five and keep complaining. But if you want to be successful, then be fucking successful! Get out there and make something of yourself! Utilise your talents, hone in on them and think of something that you can bring to the world that no one else can. Something that is specifically individual to you and only you. Trust me, bringing that vision to life will see the measly digits of your bank account grow, that’s for sure.

But just know that there is no such thing as being entitled. There are no easy roads. there are no shortcuts. There are only roads. And the twists and bends, obstacles and journeys that are thrown at you by each one. None of them are easy. But if travelled down long enough and with enough focus, they will bring you the rewards that you are THEN entitled to. The success that you have EARNED.

So just remember: you aren’t entitled to success just for doing nothing. But there is one thing that you are entitled to. Some:

Happy writing!



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