Writing Tips/Insights #3: Write the Book You Want to Read


Have you ever tried writing in a genre that you don’t particularly enjoy? Or don’t enjoy at all for that matter? Even if it’s just a couple of thousand words? Well, as a ghostwriter, I certainly have and let me tell you: it is nowhere near as fun as writing in your favourite genre or at least a genre that you like.

It makes sense doesn’t it? If you like reading a certain genre, surely then you’ll find writing in that same genre way more fun, and as a byproduct of this, your writing will prosper much more than it would in a genre that you maybe don’t like as much. Or is that just me? Personally, once I’ve finished a ghostwriting project, and find myself with a little time between projects to get back to my own personal work, I feel much more excited at the thought of sitting down and writing. That’s because I write in the crime genre and I write in the crime genre because I’m a big fan of reading crime fiction. That’s the way it works.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t give my ghostwriting projects my very best efforts and attention, it just means that it feels more like, y’know, well… work. I don’t find myself with that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach as I open up my laptop. I don’t spend my days at work daydreaming about returning home and entering into my own little world of creation and wonder. It’s just not the same. In the same way it would be if I tried to read a book in a differing genre to my personal favourite – it just wouldn’t be the same.

So make sure that you enjoy your writing and write a book that you yourself would like to read, I bet you’ll find that the quality of your writing will soar beyond the overhead blue skies and your love for your work will reach levels that you never believed could be possible.

And loving your work, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!



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