The Keys to Success #3:Work F*CKING Harder


You heard correctly! Work FUCKING harder!

It’s really as simple as it sounds.

No matter who you are or how hard you are working (or how hard you may think that you are working) there’s always someone out there doing more, working harder; being more. Always. Not one successful person on this planet became successful without putting in work. Well, maybe Kim Kardashian is an exception to that statement, but that is an opinion that is probably best kept to myself…

Working hard and doing more are both crucial if you want to be successful. There’s no use having dreams and goals when you aren’t doing anything in an attempt to fulfill or achieve them. No use having a dream if you’re just going to sit on your ass and keep dreaming. The vision must be there and it must be clairvoyant. Then you have to work towards it, work towards it and keep working towards it. Then once you feel as though you are doing everything in your power to achieve success and feel as if you’re working as hard as you possibly can, work fucking harder! And that’s the bottom line, because Liam Cross said so! (Sorry Stone Cold) – those who know will understand that reference.

So, you get the message. Start now and work fucking harder! There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to get up off your ass and conquer it. And conquering the world, that certainly makes for some:

Happy writing!

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