The Keys to Success #1: Realising Who YOU Truly Are


I think it’s an easy thing to do in life: to become distracted by everyday dry spells and lose focus on what really matters. To become so absorbed in social-media and the lives of others that we forget to focus on the life that really matters – our own! We forget to work, we forget to grind and sometimes we simply lose our way. We lose our path. We forget about how beautiful the world is and how much serenity and tranquility lies at our very fingertips and instead we concentrate on the latest iPhone or the latest post of our favourite YouTuber or celebrity. When we should be focussing on the one thing that truly matters: self-betterment.

I believe that life is about waking up every single morning with the aim of making yourself a better you than you were yesterday. If you got an award at work yesterday, good job! But go today and get yourself two fucking rewards!!! That’s what it takes, that is the mindset behind every story of success. It is crucial. Self-betterment and focus on this are the main things.

If you made two people smile yesterday, then get out there today and make four people smile. If you wrote 2,000 words in your writing session yesterday, then get up today and write 4,000. Whatever you did yesterday, no matter how great it was or how well you think you did, there is always room to make today better! Make today so good that tomorrow will be jealous. Get out there and make it happen and do it with a smile on your face.

Don’t lose focus, don’t become complacent, never EVER think ‘that’s enough’ – always strive to do more, to be more. Always strive for greatness. Never settle for mediocrity. Because anyone can be mediocre. But only those who want it badly enough can be GREAT.

The image for this post speaks volumes: “Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.”

If you find that you’ve lost focus recently, then give it a try. Go for a walk by the beach or down the woods or anywhere, and remind yourself of your purpose. Remind yourself of what you were put on this planet to do. Then wake up each day and fucking do it!

But don’t forget to include some:

Happy writing!

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