The Pursuit of Happiness


“Happiness relies not on the emotions, but rather, the mind-set.” – Liam J Cross

I don’t see happiness as an emotional state, I see it as more of a mind-set, as a way of living. If you focus on the positive, you can live with a smile on your face. But if you focus on the negative, you shall live in eternal despair. It all comes down to where you are looking. To where your focus lies. There’s no use in dwelling on the negatives and living in the past. And there’s also no use in waiting around for happiness to come and find you. Happiness is a choice. If you want to be happy, then be it. If you want to live happily, then be happy with how you live. If you truly aren’t, change it. Everyone on this planet holds incredible power in their own very hands and it’s whether or not we choose to wield that power that defines who we are.

Will you choose to wield that power? Or will you neglect it like the rest of the lost souls who simply wander through null and void without a hope in existence?

Don’t start in a month, or a week; or tomorrow. Start NOW.

Change your attitude and become the happiness that you want to see.

Happy writing & happy living folks!



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