The One That Never Was


Here is my first attempt at writing romantic poetry, or anything romantic for that matter. It is a tad long… Hope you enjoy!

Hand in hand we walk

As the skies begin to talk,

As the sun and cloudless air

Bear witness to my love and care.

I turn to you and try to speak

But the words won’t leave my mouth,

As I stare at you, my knees get weak

And my confidence ventures south.

For your smile, it evokes joy,

Your eyes a picture of fluorescent beauty –

A face complete, under sunshine’s heat.

And as I stand and stare,

I whisper with care,

But not even a breath can be heard

Because as I watch your face, hear your soul –

It leaves me breathless with every word.


An expression so soft, and gentleness too

A trembling man, become I due to you –

It’s that picture of happiness,

A heart burdened by tear,

Which makes me feel so truthfully ware.

Laughter so pure, that it could restore youth,

The most beautiful girl on this planet – that is the truth.

Your eyes portals to heavens doors,

Your nose and lips complete,

The smile, the laugh, the unimaginable beauty

The old definition of which, has become obsolete.

You bring a new meaning to the word,

Beauty so profound, it’s not only seen but heard,

And although it may sound absurd:

You make me feel as free as a bird.


Albeit her physical beauty is undeniable,

Abundant, or infinite even,

It is also what lies within

Which makes my mind lose feeling.

Kindness capable of healing,

A thousand broken hearts,

And the ability to listen so complete

That it tears my chords apart.

A sea of desperation

I float in to be carried near,

I long to feel your passionate touch

Your heartbeat I need to hear!

The warmth of your desire –

Unmatched by the hottest fire.

The infinite size of your gentle soul

Can fill even the vastest black hole.

The depth of tenderness,

But at the same time subtle anger,

Is enough to send me softly asleep

But at the same time keep me anchored.


I feel for her, as the shepherds did the star

She is the exuberant light, that guides me near and far.

She is the snowfall to my winter,

The warm scent to my spring,

But she’ll never truly understand

The happiness she can bring.

Simply by being around –

My ears, they hear no sound

And my feet lift off the ground.

As I stare into your eyes,

My mind is paralysed.

Beauty so unreal,

It makes my eyes lose feel.


But these things she’ll never know,

My emotion shall not show,

She’ll never know the way I quake,

The way my knees begin to shake,

Like branches in an autumn breeze –

At her natural looks that come with ease,

She’ll never feel my tender kiss,

The interlocking of our lips.

She’ll never ever truly know

The way that she has touched my soul,

She’ll never hear my tongue curl,

Telling her she’s the worlds most perfect girl.

My feelings for her cannot be measured

For she is the world’s most precious treasure.


Distance and time – they’re not on our side,

Togetherness was short, but still alone in the mind,

It breaks my heart that she’ll never find

That I am hers and she is mine.

This girl shall never know,

The way I long to watch her grow,

Sitting together under flakes of snow

Whilst watching those eyes twinkle and glow.


Though there can only be one true victor

And distance is his name,

Time is his accomplice

And now my heart grows tame.

Because one day we’ll be grey and old,

Without each others hand to hold,

Some day we’ll be old and frail

Our incomplete love will grow stale.

The physical wounds, those ones will heal,

But what hurts most is: she’ll never know how I feel.


And now I truly realise

That in life you have to pause,

You have to stand still in memory,

Of the one that never was.




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