Amidst the sound of time, exists the sound of timelessness. A realm outside of the space time continuum. Where boundaries of realism are stretched and twisted, curled and intertwined – in ways that mere mortals can only begin to imagine. In ways that science can’t explain. That souls can’t explore.

A space so dark that no amount of luminosity can make it bright. No amount of light can make it less black. No amount of sound can make a noise. And no amount of scent can cause a smell.

A land where the sun does not radiate and the moon refuses to show. No clouds that spit rain and no trees that provide life. No mountains for the souls to taste and no valleys for the lost to endure. There exists only one thing: stark black nothingness. Blackness so intangible, so corrupt, so unending – that it brings on no other sensation other than blindness. Blindness of the world. Of the universe. Of all of the wonders that co-exist in a land that is conquered by futility, causing each and every one to remain unseen.

And all because of this other-worldly realm. A realm that could be referred to as sleep, or the state of darkness itself, or even a realm of the deceased; of the unhinged. But I refer to it, plain and simply, as blindness. Total and utter, ignorant blindness. Blindness of the heart, mind and soul – the things that we should use to explore such wonders. But instead, use them to explore futility. To explore ignorance and nothingness. Oblivious to the serene, tranquil wonders of our realm.

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