Finding the Motivation to Write: You Must Write Everyday!


“A writer is not defined by his abilities when doing so, he is defined by his ability to do so consistently.” – This quote was written by me and it is certainly applicable to the message that I wish to portray in this post.

Let’s face it, some days writing is just such a chore. The thought of having to sit down and write seems so disgusting and before you know it, you are overwhelmed by an almighty case of I-can’t-be-bothered syndrome. But let me tell you: it is these very days that separate the true writers from the pseudo.

Anyone can write when they feel like it. Anyone can create when the creative segment of their brain lights up and springs into action, spurring them on through an hour or so of creativity. But it is when this motivation dwindles that the true writers can still be found sitting by their computers, armed with a cup of coffee, typing away.

So that is what my quote means. You aren’t a writer because you write when you feel like it every other day, you’re a writer when you write everyday – especially when you don’t feel like it! And that is the very thing that motivates me to write when it’s the last thing that I want to do. I think to myself in my head (and sometimes aloud – depending on how close to rock bottom I am) ‘if I don’t sit down to write now, am I even a writer?’ And then I answer the question (always aloud!) with an almighty roar: YES, I AM A WRITER AND WRITE I SHALL!!!

So tell that to yourself the next time you don’t feel like writing, tell yourself that if you don’t then you aren’t a real writer. And trust me, if you’re anything like I am, your childhood self will emerge to argue against your claims!

Don’t forget balance though! Don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t feel like writing. Yes- you must force yourself to write something, but that doesn’t mean it has to be something amazing! It doesn’t even have to make sense if you ask me… The only criteria it must meet is that it was written, at least that way you have progressed at least a little. And if you don’t feel like adding to a longer piece which you’ve been working on for a while, if you really feel like you would just be wasting your time by attempting. Then I would suggest maybe writing a poem or a short tension piece or horror piece (sorta’ like I posted the other day) after all, it’s still a creation. And that’s what matters the most about writing each day: making sure that your creative muscle is being exercised!

I am going to take my own advice once again. Having a break from my novel before I start the rewrite is starting to give me a mental breakdown, but I make sure to get plenty of other writing done, because I know that having a little break will benefit me greatly. But I also know that I must continue to create each and everyday, partly because it prevents total mental insanity, partly because I must exercise my creative muscles and partly because I sincerely enjoy it. But mainly because: I am a writer and write I shall! And happily of course!

So now you must go, make sure to write each day! No matter how long, short, good or bad – just write it for fucks sake! Go and partake in some happiness!

Happy writing ya’ll!



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