Another Excerpt From My First Novel


This is an extract from my first novel. It is an ambiguous, reoccurring dream which my mentally ill protagonist suffers from after killing his young cousin.


A dream:

I ascended into the evening sky, beyond the feathery clouds. The stars were liberally caressing me as I became levitated, gravity had been subjugated, and it was now non-existent. It was just me and the stars. I continued rising into the night, picking up pace, I surpassed the moon and continued even further into the darkness. It was all so bright and then gloom; my eyes are now greeted with obscurity.


I had long breached the earth’s atmosphere. I was now seeing large asteroids and other planets, which were becoming smaller and smaller as I rose above. I was in the void of space and time. Now, even further, beyond the milky-way, out of the galaxy. Pushing passed even the stratosphere. I had ventured into a land of ambiguity and shade. Outside of the space time continuum. No sound to be heard, no light to be seen, no scents to be smelled. Just solitude and seclusion.

I was a stranded astronaut, captured by the entity of space. Imprisoned by darkness, isolated by silence. It was just me, alone, never to be reunited with humanity again.

My eyes shot open and I looked at my watch that was firmly wrapped around my wrist. It was two-thirty in the morning, still very dark. My sleep had been interrupted by a dream- it was so vivid and realistic. Everything that I felt inside the dream seemed so real, so true, I was bewildered within my own mind. The moonlight shone down over the trees, casting a great layer of shadows over my tent. Parts of the tent were black from the trees blocking the moons rays, but in some parts- still bright where the light miraculously shone through, peaking around the great oaks, caressing the surface of the tent. The wind had picked up; a soft whistle hurled its way around my tent, ruffling the water proof sheets, causing them to waft in the breeze. I was so warm, it was the first time in a while that I’d felt warmth. Usually I felt coldblooded, like some form of scaled monster. The dream was weird, it was scary but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a nightmare, it was far too tranquil to be considered overly scary. It wasn’t the content of the dream that made it scary; it was the concept, the thought of it actually occurring in reality. I lay down sighing in relief, I felt relaxed and empty, and soon I closed my eyes and waited to be carried off to dream land once more.

A nightmare:

Everything had halted, I had stopped ascending and I was now just floating, floating in the nothingness. Suddenly, with a sharp click of my puppet-masters hands, I dropped hard and fast. I was whirling down, plummeting back towards the earth at speeds that are unimaginable. I was helpless; I tried to struggle against the fall but to no avail. I was now bound to this destiny and there was nothing to be done about it. I came nearer to the earth, I could see the moon again and I knew I was growing close. I soared passed the moon in a flashing blur; I saw the earth beneath me. I re-entered its atmosphere, when I did I sped up drastically. I noticed that the world which I had grown accustomed to seemed to be different, completely diverse. Instead of the usual incalculable quantities of blue and seemingly limitless areas of green, the planet looked like a burning fireball. It was quite apocalyptic. Changed in a way I cannot describe, I just cannot express the nature of its malformation. As I tumbled towards the burning haze of red and orange, I was just waiting- for that usual return back to reality that comes when hitting the ground in a dream after a sustained fall. But to my disbelief, it was not the case.

I was now on the ground running, hard and fast. I was running from something, attempting to escape it, I was unaware of whom my pursuer was, all I knew is that I wanted to get away and promptly.

I continued to run, elongating my stride, striving for more speed and more distance. I wanted to put as much ground between me and my assailant as possible. I looked behind me and all was motionless, all was immobile. The thing that was chasing me had gone astray, vanquishing into thin air. I stopped moving and stood completely still, I was frozen and even my heart seemed not to beat. I opened my eyes once more, but instead of sitting up in the tent I was floating above myself, like a mirrored image. I was a few feet above my head, looking down at myself as I slumbered serenely. I watched my heart thump in my chest, I was still dreaming but I was not inside my own trance, instead my nightmare had ventured out of my mind and into the tent, in the form of me. The dream had become a lucid nightmare, a peculiar terror. Without warning, I was rushed down, back into my body; I heard a loud scream and then silence. I was now inside my mentality again, it was over. I lay and stared momentarily at the roof of the tent as it fluttered in the breeze, I tried to sit up but I could not. I tried to lift my head, shake my legs, and kick my neck back, nothing. My body would not adhere to my request. I tried so hard to move but I could not, what was happening to me?

With a blaze of white light and temporary brightness I was blinded, I shut my eyes to shield them from the painful glow. When the whiteness had departed I opened my eyes once more. I froze in terror, I could not move, it was intolerably mesmerising. It was him, the face of Charlie pressed tightly against my own, and his features appeared as they did in the aftermath of my actions: all bloodied, bruised and battered. I tried to scream but to no benefit, I was disallowed to. Music started to play in my cranium, it was petrifying. Charlie’s face lifted, it rose off of mine allowing me to see the rest of him. He laughed manically and then a pair of red hands burst through the tents zip and carried him out as he continued in his laughter.

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